God of War III Remastered for PS4 Gets New Screenshots in Shiny 1080p

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia sent a press release announcing the Japanese release of God of War III Remastered (which will hit the local shelves two days after North America, on June 16th), and besides the first batch of screenshots included in the initial announcement, it had two new ones.

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ArchangelMike1330d ago

It still amazes me that SSM were able to make this game look so awesome on last gen PS3. I look at that screenshot and I'm like... it doesn't really look that much better than it did already. Which is a testament to how awesome the game already looked on PS3 to start with.

On a slightly different note, this is another remaster that I'm not sure about right now - especially as we haven't seen anything God of War IV related yet. Show us gameplay footage of God of War IV, then give us an incentive to revisit the God of War III story. That's how I see it anyway.

Army_of_Darkness1330d ago

I didn't need a GOW4 announcement to convince me to replay gow3 on the ps4 in 1080p @60fps :-) I last played this baby the first day it came out on ps3, so I'd happily replay it with all the visual /frame rate improvements.

bouzebbal1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

i wish they add 3D filter to it. Ghost of Sparta looked stellar in 3D!!!
that addition alone would make me buy it.

mikeslemonade1330d ago

I never thought the game looked that great. The Hades battle was the only one where I was impressed.

And no the gamers don't want a remaster. We want Santa Monica to make new their next new AAA game.

freshslicepizza1330d ago

this remaster is baffling because it looked so good already on the ps3. remasters i think are better served on games that had performance issues due to hardware limitations that the newer systems can do justice.

badz1491330d ago

I can't believe that it has been 5 years since it was released. time flies. but the thing is, it still looks gorgeous in its original form. one of the finest looking games last gen for sure.

nX1330d ago

Same here, this is a must-have masterpiece in every gaming collection. I'm just not sure whether I'll get it day1 or later.

Eonjay1330d ago

This is probably the game that I beat the most on PS3. Loved everything. The story, the brutal combat. The puzzles and the bosses... oh the bosses.

thekhurg1330d ago

Only see 1 screenshot even though title hints and more than one. Do they have some sort of anti-adblock thing stopping the page from fully loading or is my browser just going bonkers?

BeefCurtains1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

This game is another great reason to get a PS4. I need to make more money.

Oculus Rift (hopefully 2015), new GPU, PS4 all in 2015 = very happy bank and credit card company.

_-EDMIX-_1330d ago

"remasters i think are better served on games" nope and nope.

They are ports from last gen to make more money. No "remaster" is done for a reason other then money. Could have been the best looking game last gen, "remaster" could have been the worst looking "remaster" could have sold the best (GTAV, The Last Of Us) remaster and remaster.

Their is no reason to "remaster" other then making more money. Its a business decision, they don't just choose that based on technical design. Its being being done because it "needed" to, its being done because it makes money.

I'm really not sure why some gamers have no clue about business and legit think its being done for a reason other then money.

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iiorestesii1330d ago

This game was awesome. $20 with a new mode is the term for my re visit. Not too hopeful, though. This should be a PS+.

jhoward5851330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Man, I said something similar(a few days ago) to what you said on your post and some people on here said I was trolling hard. From all the agree you have goes to show how bias/hypocritical some gamers can be.

Anyways, what you said is spot on.

JWiLL5521330d ago

As good as it looked on PS3, the game never stood up to it's screenshots. They always looked quite a bit more crisp and higher resolution than in game. "Bullshots" might not be fair, but they had to be supersampled.

If this version holds up to that quality and is 60 FPS it could be pretty spectacular.

mattdillahunty1330d ago

"It still amazes me that SSM were able to make this game look so awesome on last gen PS3."

art design goes a long way in covering up technical limitations. and i mean that as extremely high praise for the SSM team, not as a diss to the PS3.

Gwiz1330d ago

I totally agree,maybe great for people that never played it yet another game that is no incentive for me to buy it.

I have never seen any generation going backwards this badly before.

_-EDMIX-_1330d ago

"Show us gameplay footage of God of War IV, then give us an incentive to revisit the God of War III" ?? Why?

E3 is coming out, this port is legit not taking them that long to crank out and no need to announce it out of E3 just because.

They are doing it correct and waiting til E3 makes sense before showing GOW IV.

and not every one getting GOW III on PS4 played the PS3 version. It may be a revisit for you, it won't be for many that likely pick it up.

Godz Kastro1330d ago


Either they did a great job on PS3 version or just polished it up for ps4.

xtremeimport1330d ago

Damn. It does look good...but shit this game looked amazing back when it was released.

ps. Never noticed how massive Kratos hands are...damn dude.

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miyamoto1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

While playing GOWIII a few weeks before the remaster announcement, I noticed the fine quality of the graphics SSM studio has poured into this game. As a huge ND fan I realized the graphics oF GOWIII is so underrated compared to Uncharted 2 or TLOU.

GOW III looked amazing at 720p 30fps how much more at 1080p 60fps!

The gameplay is so fun and satisfying I might add.
This game was off limits to my nephews for so many years but when I let them play it oh my word they were GLUED to Kratos!

Players new to GOW III are gonna crap themselves on PS4.

garos821330d ago

Wasn't GOW3 already at 60fps?

it was definitely buttery smooth but correct me if im wrong

sourav931330d ago

No, it's was 30fps. But a rock solid 30fps at that.

MasterCornholio1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )


Actually the framerate was variable. But it always stayed around 40-50FPS.

Edit: Yeah what Tontus said.

Tontus1330d ago

It had a variable framerate on the PS3 actually.

It could be anywhere from 30-60fps, it mostly ran between 40-50fps which is amazing given how incredible it looked on the PS3 & the fact it had great AA & no screen-tearing.

funkybudda1330d ago


I think this remaster is Sony's hope that capture those new to the playstation side that never played GoW become future buyer of the GoW 4.

For me this remaster is a no brainer, must buy because I know the quality will be there.

mkis0071330d ago

God of War is still on my instabuy list...They haven't Assasins Creeded it enough to change me.

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oasdada1330d ago

God of war 3 was the best looking game for me last gen.. both technically and conceptually.. and Tbh it still doest look anything short of amazing.. people who missed this last gen are in for a treat

Agent_hitman1330d ago

Why don't they include the Ascension in the package and remaster it as well? We won't pay another 60 dollars for a fvcking remaster sh!t game that has been played a million times already.

RosweeSon1330d ago

A million?! I've played it once so yeah I'll be grabbing again at some point.

Insomnia_841330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Wow you played that game a lot of times I see.

A million times
60 dollars

Smh 😒

Aloren1330d ago

I agree...including ascension as well was the least they could do. I mean 40 bucks for a 5 years old remaster is too expensive. I don't really like that trend (not as bad as selling a remaster of a psp game for 50 bucks but well...)

A complete GOW collection with all 6 episodes would have been awesome.

Deadlead1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Agreed man, I'm glad if newcomers want this and it's easy money for SSM but as a big GOW fan I still think this may be the most dismal remaster effort by any dev this gen. Just one game?(wouldn't newcomers want to start at the beginning?)... Not even a texture bump(Tomb Raider, TLoU, Halo:MCC worthy remasters, this just feels like a blatant money grab)... It's dissapointing, however still looking forward to GOW 4 or whatever else SSM is cooking up.

Eonjay1330d ago

Except, its not $60... sigh.

spicelicka1330d ago

$40 is still ridiculous for ONE last-gen game. I reallyy don't understand why people defend this shit. No one's attacking the game here, no one's saying it's not an amazing game, no one's saying it's not worth playing on PS4.

But it's clearly overpriced! If you can't see that then the industry is going straight to shit.

JWiLL5521330d ago


$40 is ridiculous for a hamburger, not a video game.

It's amazing how much the gaming community whines about having to pay for it's hobby.

shloobmm31329d ago

I don't think $40 is a fair price for a 5 year old game that has just simply had the resolution upped.

Bobertt1330d ago

It hasn't been long enough for an Ascension remaster and it has multiplayer so they would have to get new servers so they probably won't do that. Remastering Gow 1 and 2 would be good but since they already did that for ps3 they probably don't think it would look significantly better to spend money and time on.

Aloren1330d ago

How long is long enough ? Two years is more than what it took to get GTA V or the last of us remastered... 2 years is what it took to get halo 4 remastered + 1 2 3 and ODST, all remastered.... so I see no reason why we should only get GOW 3 for 40 bucks.

hkgamer1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

so the last of us and gta can sell at whatever price but gow3 can't?

doesnt matter about the number of years its been released. the priginal was a high budget game, the remaster probably had the same amount spent on it as the last of us?

ok halo collection was a bargain, but that doesnt mean that others cant charge what they think the game is worth.

how much did cinemas charge for jurassic park3d? or how much did the blurays cost?

theatres show the same stuff for years, should it get cheaper after every show?

gamers who have played this doesnt need to play it again if they dont want to. others that havent played it you can either play this? or maybe other brand new game that could be worse than this game. dont like it at full price then wait for 2nd hand or for price to drop.

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