Wii Music better than any video game… ?

Loot Ninja challenges Miyamoto:

"I am sorry but spazzing out to a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is not more interesting than taking an enemies head off in Fallout 3 or tactically dismembering an enemy in Dead Space, not even close."

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taz80803778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I think Miyamoto is way off base saying that Wii Music is more interestign than video games. To who?

This game does not gear itself toward any type of gamer except the casual gamer and children.

ChickeyCantor3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

It's just his opinion >_>...and if you think about it he just crushed every game he made into the ground just by saying that.

Really i do wonder if its not a "lost in translation" thing...

MK_Red3778d ago

I also hope it's a "Lost in the translation" thing because if it's indeed Miyamoto's word then the legend has indeed lost it. If Miyamoto really said that then the man who brought gaming back to life and gave it many gifts in form of Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Mario 64 has gone insane. I hope that it's definitly a "Lost in translation" thing.

taz80803778d ago

yeah I hope it was a translation error, it sounds callous to me and like you mentioned kind of throws dirt in the eyes of classic games that he himself helped create.

truth for gamers3778d ago

Wii Music better than any video game… ?


Veni Vidi Vici3778d ago

this, to me, is strictly an example of the vast differences between our culture and his (Japan). Japan is known for loving some absolutely crazy stuff that seems so trivial to us. this is just another example of something that will be very popular there because of their tastes.

it could still be popular here, but i doubt it's as popular.

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taz80803778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Nintendo had a horrid conference and now they are tap dancing to try and salvage themselves.

Surprised that Miyamoto even made the comment at all.

Chubear3778d ago

and are now jsut talking non-sense. I think they're just blown away by what's happening with the wii and really think that this is what core gamers really want and enjoy.

Nintendo have taken too many funny mushrooms and are indeed high.

taz80803778d ago

They are super successful right now, but the people that really play games are growing tired of them. The hardcore gamer is feeling neglected by Nintendo and for those people that rushed out and got a Wii expecting support they have been lef tout in the cold for cutesy casual games. Wii Music is a gimmic any way you slice it.

Mr Fancy Pants3778d ago

in my opinion for me this has been the worst gen of nintendo. i used to be a mindless nintendo fanboy waiting for the Wii like the second coming of Jesus but not anymore.
what argument i have to back up my opinion? just look their freaking E3 conference and all the games that they have released in all this time. they are not making any better than the N64.

Snes>Nes>>>GameCu be>>N64>>>>&g t;>>>>Wii

doG_beLIEfs3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

So, my 3 year old can press random buttons and do just as good as I can? I cannot see how this could be fun for even the most braindead soccermom. No matter what button you press, the game plays the right notes. How is that fun? And why would you put a Wiimote up to your mouth unless you are a Clubbiefan who resides in Boystown?

If the pitches changed with the angle that you held the Wiimote I could "kinda" understand the appeal to grandma. But if ALL you do is press whatever button you want and the game plays the right note...HOW IS THAT FUN?

I would have more fun throwing rocks, playing Air guitar, watching weeds grow, picking my nose, (you never know what your going to get right Forrest?) taking out the trash, wiping my 3 year olds bottom or patting my head and rubbing my tummy at the same time....all of those activities take MORE skill than Wiimusic.

Nintendo deserves No respect and nothing but ridicule right Mr. Dangerfield?

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