Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals That Players Complained That Cindy Was “Too Sexy"

GearNuke: "Final Fantasy XV Director Hajima Tabata recently held an Active Time Report providing more details about the player’s feedback from the demo, and he also shared their main complaints and issues with the demo."

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Metallox1328d ago

So I guess the demo for Europeans was practically perfect.

never4get1328d ago

"Cindy not sexy enough" I complained.
Tabata please acknowledge my complain. Thanks.

robtion1328d ago

Too Sexy? Is that a thing?

TonyPT1328d ago

Repressed people are funny...

mabreu1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Too sexy is not a thing. But I understand when it comes to realism, over-sexualized female characters can look fake.

I had this realization when playing DOA5 and saw Helena in a bikini fighting in the snow/arctic stage. It becomes comical and stupid after awhile.

In this case, Hajime is a mechanic. As long as they don't make her look like a porn star playing a "mechanic" role, I think it will be ok.

Magicite1328d ago

Theres no such thing as ''too sexy'', smh.

DivoJones1328d ago

There is, for insecure women who don't want their current or imaginary men drooling over video game characters.

ThunderPulse1328d ago

@DivoJones so true but don't forget some women are too ugly.

SmokingMonkey1328d ago

unless you are too sexy for your shirt.

too sexy for this shirt,

too sexy for this shirt.

JMaine5181328d ago

If they adjust Cindy in anyway I'll be very upset.

Yi-Long1328d ago

Agreed. It's always a relative few people being upset and complaining about a fictional character supposedly being 'too sexy', while the vast majority of people have no problems with it at all, and more people would be much more upset if they would decide to self-censor in order to appease the moaning minority.

As a 38 year old gamer, I WANT that zany twisted Japanese design. I do NOT want these games altered, changed, censored, butchered, in order to appease 'a western audience'.

Not everything I watch or play has to fit so-called 'western standards'. I enjoy Japan's less hypocritical view on sexuality, as much as I love the west's love-affair with violence.

Hellsvacancy1328d ago

The FF games have always had sexyful women, I remember the first time I saw Lulu in FFX when I was just a teen

DarkOcelet1328d ago

Or Fran from FFXII. She was hot.

_-EDMIX-_1328d ago

I don't mind how she looks, I just wish they made her at least sound really, really smart. The Cids i the FF series have always been engineers, repair folk etc and I felt she was way too ummm ... "country" sounding. They could have made a grander impression with her and instead she is just some run of the mile repair girl.

Who knows, could be more to her.

TheCagyDies1328d ago

Director Tabata stated they are not changing her concept.

Haru1328d ago

''They have no current plans to change her concept but they will make sure to “maintain the boundary” by moderating the way she is presented in the game, removing any sexual themes'' looks like they're going to make some changes..

alstruck1328d ago

Me too.. except if they make her more sexier, I'm all in.

Spenok1328d ago

Honestly games (generally) push for more realism these days. And while this is obviously a fantasy game, it is still going for a more realistic approach. Cindy is overly sexualized for NO reason. She is a mechanic (I too am a mechanic, though on an aircraft, not cars), and if I saw anyone dressed like she was working on any sort of mechanical device, I'd be confused. It's dumb, they could have easily had a different character fit that "Sexy" roll they tend to fill with each game.

She's a mechanic, not a bikini model, which by her design she might as well be.

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no_more_heroes1328d ago

And yet people are complaining about the all male party?

JackVagina1328d ago

SJWs are so stupid.

Cause we cant possibly have fantasy characters in a fantasy game, hell even the damn game name has fantasy in it smh.

ameliabaz1328d ago

Idk if this is an SJW thing or just a whiny fan thing. Apparently people complained that the male protagonist of that Final Fantasy Mevius mobile game was "too sexy" too so his design ended up getting changed.

Drithe1328d ago

The male gay gamer community is apparently taking over the Final Fantasy series.

Man_Marmalade1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Funny because I prefer drawing women over men. Curves are always fun to draw and flow much nicer than a man's body. male characters are usually just bulky or squared. Oh and boobs are fun to draw too.

silkrevolver1328d ago

Yes, because only gay men are capable of detecting the marginalization of women.

itsjustexuma1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

You're wrong it's the people who are not open minded that think that way

DonkeyDoner1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

they're fujoshi who played this bishounen ff game

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