CoD: Black Ops III Up To 12 Players Online & Minimum File Size Revealed

With the pre-orders for Black Ops III going online on both the Xbox One Store and the PS Store interesting facts can be discerned from the European PS Store.

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slinky1234561246d ago

Only 12 players huh? Surprising they want to go with that if true. Maybe just a change of pace.

avengers19781246d ago

12 per team would be okay, but 6v6 seems sorta odd

KarmaV121246d ago

With the size of Call o Duty maps, anything over 6 per team is a death fest. Too much spawn killing.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1246d ago

Doubtful thats what they mean...if it was 12 players per team, then that would say 2-24.

that's pretty strange though considering Ground War was 9 players a team if I remember correctly. Wonder what prompted them to cut the player count down.

Revolt131246d ago

Good, keep it lower count, make it more strategic. Less about being shot in the back.

Hazmat131246d ago

maybe fill the void with events and AI robots mechs

Peace_Love_and_FPS1246d ago

Events maybe, less lag would be good but AI in MP can go short circuit itself and crawl back into the hole Respawn released them from.

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