Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Version 2.0 Announced, Will Feature Improved Combat

GearNuke: "Square Enix has revealed that they are planning to release an update to the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo. This new update will be a major one which aims to take all the user feedback of the demo and implement them in a possible way"

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RmanX10001328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )


Real talk: Very glad they're doing this and incorporating fan feedback.

NecotheSergal1328d ago

Square Enix Up

Konami Down
Capcom Down
Valve gets a cheeky smack across the face

Lord_Sloth1328d ago

I won't count Capcom down just yet. But boy they've had a hell of a stumble.

Magicite1328d ago

Bandai Namco is also up.

_-EDMIX-_1328d ago

lolz, I read that all in DBZ voice! I can't really tell with Square. Remember that this game was in development for a long time so its not that its a new Square or anything. Consider if this game came out when it was suppose to we might have been saying this years ago.

We are getting a very much delayed version of what they wanted to release years ago I would say. Good to see the demo coming to some good use.

ZeroX98761328d ago

Square Enix listening to fans feedback?!?!?!?

who's the guy in charge of this? where was this guy when the XIII saga started?

if you tell me, it's about freaking time they listen to fans.

JMaine5181328d ago

Nice! I really enjoyed the demo. It had some obvious issues like frame rates but I felt the core of the gameplay was great.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1328d ago

The frame rate as well as the entirety of the graphics will be improved significantly Tabata has said so it will all be good my friend.

KryptoniteTail1328d ago

Improved combat? So they made it turn-based?

NoctisPendragon1328d ago

Are you even 1% serious , FF XV turn based ? really ? The whole game is based on a seamless and action experiance making it turn-based is more than simply killing it.

KryptoniteTail1328d ago

Keep your seamless action bs you casual noob. Mainline FFs aren't f*****' action games, your type killed the series, just like Resident Evil and Metal Gear, higher focus on action, less on horror and stealth, respectively.

Keep your FFXV. Don't act like seamless action trash makes it better than 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. Or any of them. It will be good but not a FF. Period.

Now be gone.

NoctisPendragon1328d ago

Your are the casual noob here , thinking that Action game are casual and also thinkinh the old trun-based gameplay were not casual ( most of them were sir and easy at that) .

Start playing real turn based game instead of playing FFs ,most of them have a simple and uninspired turn-based system , nothing epic where you think "That FF had one of the best trun-base gameplay i have ever seen" .

On the other hand FF XV is shaping up to become one of the best ARPG Open World gameplay .

F0XHOUND1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )


Wtf is your problem? You act like "seemless" is a bad thing. I'm as much in favour to the classic turn based system as you however,final fantasy simply must evolve with the times. Tactics and immersion do not die with this, picture final fantasy xiv a realm reborn... it works perfectly, it has aspects of a turn based system through cool downs. FF XV will offer a different approach, but you can be sure it will feel good.

On a side note, do not discard the game yet. Has it got a good story? A deep and interesting world to explore? Side quests that are fun? Massive set pieces like the ramuh summoning or even first time moments like a behemoth stampeding toward you? Yes, already in a short demo! Combine that with chocobo exploration, a great ost and hopefully a great amount of typical final fantasy content beyond just its combat system... many moments of even final fantasy xiii were rendered classic moments simply by the fantastic music and atmosphere... a true final fantasy fan will note moments like these, you just sound like an elitist who's clinging onto a turn based system.

Square Enix are making a lot of good decisions lately, I'm banking on this to also be the case here.

Elda1328d ago

Accept it or not FF is evolving to action instead of boring turn base.From the demo it's coming along well.

_-EDMIX-_1328d ago

Not really. This game's concept is from 2005...

It was a side FF as it was titled Versus XIII and not a main FF. That doesn't mean FF is turning all action based the KH series is still an RPG and this game is very much just like KH in terms of gameplay and core concept.

I wouldn't be so quick to call a FF that has been on the back burner for years and years, had its name changed from being a side FF to a main FF a change in the series.

That sounds more like they are giving it the XV title to have it sell better. I'm sorry but regardless of the name they give it, it very much had a subtitle before and was not seen as part of the main series.

They have Bravely Default to show that they indeed are still doing turned based titles and FF can exist with a action based and a turned based FF.

I for one would like to see Bravely Default put on PS4 and XONE with its later sequels in the Luminous engine all turned based.

I like turned based better for the series, doesn't mean we can't have both. and I think Square had learned it lesson from trying to stray to far from the series known staples. I don't think they want a repeat of XIII.

moegooner881328d ago

My first thought too.Jrpgs are becoming more and more like wrpgs,sucks tbh.

franwex1328d ago

With any Final Fantasy since I can remember someone always talks sh!t about the combat.

Every Final Fantasy is meant to be radically different than the previous one! Just accept it and move on!

My personal favourite "combat" is actually from FF12, so I am looking forward to this. The one I hated the most is FF8's junction system-but that's just me!

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Lockon1328d ago

Thank god. The combat felt soooo clunky.

NoctisPendragon1328d ago

Here is a nice gameplay tutorial : cuz i am sure a lot of you are playing the game +- wrong .

In short you can use any weapon you want , when you want and a lot more stuffs.

Dabigsiebowski1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I'm the biggest Fan of FFXV you will ever hear about. I feel in love with it the day it was announced at E3 06. I was ok with the combat in which the showed during the time they were developing it on the PS3 as I thought it looked really impressive for a PS3 title. I was very excited when they announced it coming to next gen at e3 2013, the trailer was spectacular in every way but obviously still a bit early in development but heartbroken at the same time that it was now coming to the Xbox after expecting an exclusive PS FF title for 7 years prior to the announcement.

I played Episode Duscae for 5 minutes, just enough to feel the game as I know it was in rough shape due to it still being in development and no release date.
I was horrified... The combat felt clunky and not immersive at all and in fact I just wasn't happy at all with the lack of polish a true Final Fantasy game would have knowingly it's a demo. Honestly the game would probably be a lot better off being turn based even tho clearly it's not being designed at all with that in mind. Just feels garbage and incomplete and it lacks a soul meaning that I can't feel a emotional attachment to it, the game I've waited 10 years for.
I hope it doesn't come out till at least mid 2017 to give it the time it deserves to own up to the hype and the standards of the franchise.

My dream of getting an open world, turn based battle system with non noob and heavily advanced leveling/upgrade system (complicated in a good way), true next gen Final Fantasy title.
Please allow this to be FFXVI directed by Kitase. And keep it Sony exclusive where it belongs. Xbox One just like 360 did with FFXIII will hold back the true potential of a Final Fantasy game.

NoctisPendragon1328d ago

5 minute is quite strange and the game will at least be like it was in the E3 trailler , i don't realy see your point or how making FF XV turn based would solve anything .

The demo was already an old build and the feedbacks are moslty possitive , with 50% of the implemented gameplay the demo did more than well.

At the very worst they would go back to a KH gameplay .

TheTwelve1328d ago

Glad I wasn't the only one. I didn't even feel like finishing the demo.

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