I can't stop crying about the cancellation of Silent Hills

Jed Whitaker:"I often film myself at random times during the day just in case anything cool happens -- like a funny joke or catching a ghost on film. Yesterday, I found out live on camera that Silent Hills was cancelled, and boy has it hit me hard. I don't know if I'll ever be the same."

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magiciandude1297d ago

Yet people say the video game industry won't crash and how it's doing very well, I say otherwise. This is just one more reason why I believe the walking zombie is marching its way back to the landfill that it crawled out of. Many long time players closed their doors last gen. I am doubtful this gen will be any different. Either way, this doesn't help.

THC CELL1297d ago

It's sad, someone will borrow the idea. It was a game changer