The best PC gaming processors

There's no component of your PC working harder than the CPU. Your processor drives the input and output operations of everything, running your operating system and programs as complex as Battlefield 4 and as simple as Notepad. Today's powerful desktop processors can handle just about any game you throw at them, and they can even be overclocked to deliver faster speeds and better multitasking performance. You don't have to buy the most expensive processor around to have a great gaming experience. We've researched and tested the best gaming CPUs around, and these are the ones worth putting in your next gaming rig.

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crazychris41241331d ago

Would love to get the 5930k for my next build. Could use the better performance for my video and photo editing programs but I might as well keep waiting and see what the 6th gen CPUs have to offer.

MRMagoo1231331d ago

Wow for a pc site they seem to be completely clueless. A 2 core Pentium for budget build lmao.