The Emotional Impact of Pressing Start

Chris White shares his thoughts on the moments in gaming that caused him to shed a tear.

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sparta761329d ago

That first 15mins of the last of us always gets me. Damn game!!

PS3Freak1329d ago

The biggest impact I've ever felt from a game is in Spec Ops: the Line.


When you bomb all the innocent survivors that you were trying to help, and you see the image of the mother and child, burned to death.

Truly impactful and devastating.

Agent_hitman1329d ago

More like feeling the thrill while pushing that start button for the first time. The last of us was indeed one of the best games.

NecotheSergal1329d ago

I first came into this article, reading the title I thought it was going to be something related to crazed radical feminists where they were going to talk about how they're getting PTSD/Triggered from hitting the start buttons after the whole situation with 'clapping causes triggering'

Thank god I was wrong.