The Best PS4 Apps

PS4Home: "Out of all the PS4 apps, we’ve got a few here that really showcase exactly what the PS4 is doing to make sure that, in the future, it’s the only piece of entertainment equipment we’ll ever need."

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Genuine-User1327d ago

I would say BBC iPlayer, YouTube (60fps) and Netflix are my favourite.

oasdada1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I say youtube 60fps and ps vue

Khajiit861327d ago

Youtube and Vidzone are my favorites

F0XHOUND1327d ago

Netflix is always pretty easy to use. YouTube too, minus the awful typing... I wish I could use a keyboard lol. Even my wireless one won't work!

Genuine-User1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

You can control YouTube through a smartphone.

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