Spencer talks about Too Human on Xbox One and JRPGs

Microsoft head of Xbox Phil Spencer took to Twitter again to discuss the latest happens at Microsoft, and the future of JRPGs on Xbox One.

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Naga1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Sure didn't say much about Too Human except, "We aren’t working it right now." (thank goodness)

IVanSpinal1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

The story has potential, it only needed good IA and Ninja Gaiden combat style

Naga1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

True facts. I was really disappointed that the game, which had so many years invested in its development, ended up being such a total disaster in the execution side. It was such a supreme let-down for me. I might happily welcome a different developer taking another shot at it... it's just the thought of going through that again puts me off.

Volkama1297d ago

Given that the original Too Human was redacted from the online store and all physical copies were technically recalled when Silicon Knights lost their legal battle with Epic, I'd say it's unlikely we'll see any more Too Human.

freshslicepizza1297d ago

we won't be seeing another one. the game didn't sell as well as had hoped and it was a disastrous development. the game itself had a ton of potential but was bogged down with repetitive gameplay.

what is encouraging though is his mention of b.c. perhaps this will be announced at e3.

OrangePowerz1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I think we will be ok if there won't be another Too Human, the first one was Too Much. Usually I can find some positive points about a game, but that one. I don't even blame the "normal" guys working on it, there is a good chance that it was mainly down to Dyack pushing the game into a direction he thought it should go during those many many years it was in development and probably changed his mind every few years on how it should be.

Insomnia_841298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Why would anyone talk about Too Human for Xbox One???? If another Too Human is announced now, it will probably release in 2025.

NeoGamer2321298d ago

Too Human was actually a good IP. I think the X360 couldn't give what they wanted the vision of the game to be so Too Human on X1 would probably be a lot better.

AngelicIceDiamond1298d ago

@Neo I think it has to do with Silicon Knights. Too Human was like Destiny for its time, largely over hyped and largely disappointing.

If put in the right hands I can see Too Human 2 being great.

Spencer said not in development "right now" so I'm guessing hes possibly trying to greenlight the project.

NeoGamer2321298d ago

Too Human just felt like it was half the game they wanted it to be. If you look at the 360, there just wasn't enough power there to have that many on screen enemies, with the combo system, decent AI and the size and scope of the environments.

There was nothing wrong with the game really. But, like Alan Wake, I think both games started as a vision of X and ended up being X minus a certain amount because of what the 360 was capable of.

Dee_Cazo1297d ago

The game was supposed to be 4 player co-op dungeon crawling to an extent. They had to scale down to 2 player co-op...meaning this game was probably a lot more ambitious but kept getting shredded.

Rookie_Monster1298d ago

Thank the Lord of no more too Human. That is like the equivalent of Sony resurrecting Lair.

NeoGamer2321298d ago

Lair and Too Human should not be compared. Lair was garbage from the top to the bottom. Too Human was actually a pretty good game.

rainslacker1298d ago

Lair was a good game once they took away the sixaxis requirement. That's the only thing that made it crap when it released. Sony had to justify the inclusion of sixaxis, so it forced the dev to take out the perfectly functional standard control scheme.

Eldyraen1298d ago

Both had huge potential but were poorly executed--in large part due to crazy control schemes which would had been better if went with safer option.

I wouldn't mind another of either if they were a reboot and done "properly".

dcbronco1298d ago

Too Human was a great game. Too many never actually gave it a chance. The same piling on mentality that goes into voting EA the worse company killed that game. Not the game itself.

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