Blurred Lines: Are Video Game Films Worth Making Today?

With the rise of the digital age, and the continuous progression that video games are bringing to the table, are video game films really worth making in the modern day?

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-Foxtrot1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Course they are, they just need to do them right.

The problem with Hollywood is that they think they need to change the video game script completely and stray far enough from the source material when they don't.

They think this because they don't want gamers going to the cinema and "complaining" that all they've done is a copy and pasted job. That we all don't want to see the same story, dialouge, game moments on screen but the problem is that we would rather have all that, hell even a direct copy and pasted adaptation then a one which is shit and strays so far awya from the source material that you can't even tell that it's the video game you know and love.

Book adaptations get it right. Films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Hunger Games, the Girl with the dragon tattoo mostly follow the source material and they are critically acclaimed. Even the most average ones still do better then video game adaptations so that is saying something.

If it's a video game like Uncharted where it's so "movie like" script wise that you could easily condense it into a film by removing the unneeded cutscenes, the gameplay, the levels which are there to "stretch out" the games longevity then you can easily use the exactly script with the same dialogue. I mean seeing things on screen like "Elena Fisher last years model", "You brought a hooker to church" or even "Three god-damn bullets!! How the hell did you do this with three bullets?" would be great to see on screen.

Now I know some people might think "Well I don't want to see a copy and pasted job" but here's the thing and I'll be blunt...tough shit, it would be a hell of a lot better then what we are getting now. For years they've tried straying away from the source material so for once lets try and stick to it the most.

The truth is adaptations in general are not for the audiences that was on it's original format, if it's a copy and pasted job then tough, it's not for us it's for a new audience, the people who haven't experienced the story on the original format.

I think the Last of Us will show you if it can be done...but on the other side you never know Hollywood might have an influence on Neil so he does the script in a way that pleases them. Who knows maybe he'll change it to try and keep in fresh and different. We'll have to wait and see.

the-betteh1267d ago

I honestly don't agree with the idea of copying and pasting the plot of a game into a movie, and the main reason I think that's just plain bad of an idea is that it makes the idea of adapting a game to film just plain redundant.

Why see the same thing twice? You get what I mean?

Honestly I feel for adapting games to film to even work it would have to at least be unique enough to make it worth watching (I.E. have a new plot using familiar characters.)

But that's just me.

-Foxtrot1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

But then you could say the exact same thing about the books I mentioned.

Harry Potter is mostly the same from the book yet it works.

You knew Dumbledore was going to die years before it happened on screen but they didn't feel the need to change it and it didn't tick people off seeing it play out again on screen.

We've went one way so many times, it's time they do the opposite.

" I feel for adapting games to film to even work it would have to at least be unique enough to make it worth watching "

Which is why all video game films suck...because they try to do this

SegaGamer1266d ago

I don't like games being made into movies. I don't really see the point.