You Don't Play As Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V

"The entire marketing campaign for Metal Gear Solid V has been about changing or hiding an identity, and so its clear - you don't play as Big Boss in The Phantom Pain.

Even the announcement of MGS V was smoke and mirrors. It was announced as Ground Zeroes at the Penny Arcade Expo way back in 2012. It was clear that it would be a prologue to Metal Gear Solid V, but it was never shown to be less than an hour long or set in a single location. Konami and Kojima spoke about shorter cutscenes, an open world, travelling between countries and the worry that Ground Zeroes might just be too violent for release. "

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-Foxtrot1298d ago

I'd love it if all the stuff from the trailer is just from the first small section of the game and then it time jumps to when Solid Snake is old enough for Hayter to voice him and you are trying to go against Big Boss.

Imagine the ending of the game being a remake of Metal Gear 1&2

Baka-akaB1298d ago

I'd like that , except i'd rather have the Solid Snake part be smaller and a way to bridge the gap with a remake of mgs1 ... rather than it being the main part

sonarus1297d ago

No way to know if any of that will happen but i wouldnt mind a pleasant surprise or two. Only thing we know is it will have hours of glorious cutscenes and will be so fu**ing fantastic regardless

Blurmobjet1297d ago

Ever wonder why the Big Boss you play in MGSV is nothing like the Big Boss at the end of MGS4? The arm? The horn?

Braid1297d ago

I apologize if I'll be bursting your bubble but I'm a die-hard MGS fan and I believe there's little to no chance that you play as another character in MGSV other than Big Boss. Kojima is in love with BB, he always favored the original. And now that he's departed from KONAMI, it seems like we will never see our dream game in which we play as Solid and infiltrate Zanzibar Island, fighting against BB. I still wish Kojima could make that happen earlier but well, every legend has to have an end.

Kyizen1297d ago

If you followed MG4 (very hard). Eva stole the charred up remains of Big Boss which were somehow alive and they reconstructed him ala Mass Effect 2. So since they remade him they wouldnt use imperfections like a missing arm or horn...

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Anthotis1298d ago

Maybe you play as Solidus.

OrangePowerz1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

The question is why would they keep the Japanese voice actor of Snake for Big Boss if that's the case? For me it doesn't add up.

sinspirit1297d ago

American actor for the mocap and so they used his voice as well for the English voice. Same thing Uncharted series did for many scenes. Live voice acting as well as mocap acting. Makes it more believable and easier. I don't think Hayter had a bad voice at all. I think it didn't have enough emotional diversity. Which is what the point of Keifer Sutherland taking over is. I'm not sure how good the Japanese voice actor is so I'm not sure he is being kept. But, who knows the reality of it all. I'd be just as happy with Hayter back. He has had plenty of time to refine his voice for all the situations.

assdan1297d ago

I mean, let's look at this. From the way MGSV's size is being described, it might be one of the biggest games of all time. I've heard people claim that it "dwarfs" Skyrim. And that it's 300 times larger than ground zeroes' map.

OutcastMosquito1297d ago

They have said its around 200 times the size of GZ.

Articuno761297d ago

That would be a bigger mindscrew than MGS2's protagonist switcharoo.

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LordMaim1298d ago

If you think the outrage was strong in Metal Gear Solid 2 when you swapped to Raiden for the last 80% of the game, can you imagine the unrelenting fury that would spew forth from the internet if this were the case?

I really doubt this theory is correct.

Batzi1298d ago

This. At this stage, I'm wondering if Mr.Kojima is doing ok. I am actually worried about him.

1297d ago
Batzi1296d ago

He doesn't need to know who I am. He has taught me a lot of things for the past decades now through his games. He's my role model and I wish I could be as half successful as he is now. So yea, I do care about his wellbeing.

Summons751298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I loved that swap. Making me think Snake was dead until he showed up to help. To be honest I think it's reversed. I think for 75-80% of TPP we will be Big Boss and watch his fall and rise into the villain we've been told he is but we will see the real story. I think the last 20-25% will be us taking up Solid and it being basically a remake of the original Metal Gear and go to Snake's retirement and after the credits we hear a Codec call telling Snake they need him for the mission to Shadow Moses.

Kojima has really put it out there that this is the last game and that it will tie up loose ends. So I believe it's going to come full circle. With everything that has happened recently if it doesn't come full circle I sure hope it closes Big Boss' story like MGS4 did with Solid's story.

assdan1297d ago

I feel like it's pretty clear that it comes full circle at the end of this game. This is more than likely Kojima's last MGS game, and I'd think he'd want to give it a proper send off.

pivotplease1297d ago

It may come full circle, but am I the only one that felt like there were some threads dangling all around at the end of MGS4?

Concertoine1298d ago

People who hate raiden are missing the entire point of MGS 2. The whole game is a meta narrative about the pressure on the developers to live up to the success of the original, and on sequels in gaming in general. Raiden isn't meant to be a likeable character for a lot of reasons.

comebackkid98911297d ago

No it's not and Raiden is likable.

pivotplease1297d ago

There is definitely a meta-narrative in there though it is arguable if that's what it pertains to. The message about freedom at the end really broke the fourth wall there though and could imply that game developers should be able to choose their own path. I got a more general message of the individual in society out of it though.

CorndogBurglar1298d ago

I don't know.

The reason everyone was so mad about that in MGS2 is because Raiden was no where near as cool as Snake. It wasn't necessarily that they tricked everyone, it was that they tricked everyone and then made them play a totally inferior character in every way.

Sure, Raiden became cool later when he got turned into a cyber ninja. Butin his first appearance, he was a very lame character.

At least in this, if its all a trick and we emd playing as Solid Snake for the majority of the game, at least its still a fan favorite character that everyone loves.

KwietStorm1297d ago

It wasn't just the fact that we changed characters. It was because Raiden was a chump in MGS2, and we never changed back to Snake. We know there is more than one Snake, so that backlash would easily be remedied.

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krypt19831298d ago

This is the stupidest shit i've heard ..

Captain_Wormy1298d ago

You actually play as Cecile in Paris for the first half then you play as Otacon in the other half.

pivotplease1297d ago

Wouldn't mind if they handed it off to akiba for the last 80%. Who cares if it's chronologically improbable. You could use his irritable bowels to deceive enemies. Perhaps you could even get them to retreat back into their tents to clean a deuce off their boots.

WizzroSupreme1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Guess Solid Snake got a shave in the years afterwards.

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