PlayStation Home Developer's "Home space"

Sev1512 of writes:

"Today, I had the chance to get some hands on time with PlayStation Home. The version of Home that I was using had some Developer "Home" spaces up and running.

These spaces were Warhawk, Resistance, and Uncharted."

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CaptainHowdy3802d ago

thank god "fall" is only like 2 or 3 months away

Fart In Your Mouth3802d ago

The difference between 360 players and ps3 players:

Lets party up and play some death match.

Come into my fantasy land home and I'll suck your c0ck.

Home is teh gay...

THC CELL3802d ago

first off home has party launch

second x box looks like kids schools
go get laid
home will kick x boxs ass and any future apps on x box

Figboy3802d ago

it's already almost August.


this year is almost said and done, and there are a LOT of titles releasing in the next five months.

so much to look forward to.

athlon7703802d ago

Looks like home is coming along nicely. Wish I could be part of the Beta group but oh well. One question though if anyone knows. Is home going to replace our XMB, or will it be an application off of the XMB to run when we want to? If I had to hazzard a guess, I would say the latter since Sony is so big on it XMB and intergrating it into everything from the PS3 to Laptops to their TV's.

Love that Warhawk area!

Kirstenlottesovs3802d ago

It's the latter.. Home will have an icon we can press and when pressed it will launch. But i'm kinda wondering though, if in-game XMB will work in home, or the Home-Virtual-PSP is replacing it..

BigPete79783801d ago

Yeah it will kind of be like how [email protected] is. It will have it's own space on the XMB. Also I have heard that you can specify in options as to whether or not you want to launch Home when you turn on your PS3, or go straight to XMB.

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