Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Shaping Up To Be A Great Console Seller

Nerdacy: Xenoblade Chronicles X was announced during the E3 of 2013, simply called “X” at the moment. Nintendo did not really explain much about it; in fact they only showed a short trailer that displayed few aspects of the game, which predominantly showcased the usage of mech suits, which were to be later revealed to be called “Dolls” in Japan– “Skells” in the English localization. It was not until much later that Monolith Soft, the developer of the game, revealed the final name of the game, and that is to be a “spiritual successor” of the original Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii and the New 3DS; this means that although they share the game, the stories are in no way connected, the same way that every game in the Final Fantasy series does not follow an overarching story that connects all of them.

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remixx1161331d ago

To niche to be a console seller but to great to be ignored.

3-4-51331d ago

* It will sell well within the community of people who already own a Wii U, and will convince some RPG lovers to buy a Wii U "just for this game".

* It's going to have good solid healthy sales. Not record breaking. Not legendary, but just a good healthy sales number.

Transporter471331d ago

I actually bought a WiiU just for this game. The rest are extra, but I really wanted to play this game. I want the original on the damn Wii Virtual console too.

mikeslemonade1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

It's as much of console seller as B2, so relatively not that much.

Gonna be happy to play it, but when I play it I'm gonna be thinking about how this game would have been better on better hardware and better online infrastructure.

cleft51331d ago

I am buying a WiiU just to play this game. The other WiiU games will be enjoyable but it is this game that I am buying the console to play. So it is a system seller. Many people, like me, are waiting for this game to come out or get a firm release date before they purchase a WiiU. I think this game is going to surprise people with how well it does and the boost in WiiU console sales.

It looks like Nintendo might be using this as their big game for the holidays. If that happens than this game has the potential to reach the mainstream. As far as niche go, I will remind you that Bloodborne is a very niche game but it has achieved mainstream success. I don't see why Xenoblade Chronicles X, with proper marketing, can't achieve the same mainstream success.

roboshort1331d ago

What is niche about it? Space adventures are quite popular in the US.

remixx1161331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

I seem to be misunderstood......niche as in the genre, yes space adventures are great and popular in the u.s. but this game isn't mass effect.

Not to mention the anime aesthetic it has going on, something many Americans immediately downwardly judge and give unjustified hate do to lack of openmindedness and stereotypical nature.

This game will be amazing yet it will not get the sales it deserves do to the simple fact that it's a jrpg. Just look at xenoblade for the Wii a console with over 100 Milli units sold. It took ni no kuni quite a while to hit a million sales and I'm glad it did.

I even bought a Wii u and such for this and a few other games but this isn't call of duty, grand theft auto, or the elder scrolls. I wish it could sell like those but I know it won't.

Just refer to edmix below me to get a good idea.

avengers19781331d ago

Nintendo has to do a good marketing campaign for this game, and it should do very well... Especially to everyone that has Wii U, and a special holiday bundle including X with a small price drop and Nintendo could do great this holiday.

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WizzroSupreme1331d ago

I doubt it'll be a system-seller stateside at least. It's probably going to be a great game, but it's not the kind that Americans will either know or about or be into and Nintendo knows that. Not exactly the most-hyped game here in the US either, but an underrated one? Sure.

_-EDMIX-_1331d ago

Agreed. Why too niche to just move huge units. No doubt it will be a good RPG, but I don't see it moving systems.

PigPen1331d ago

I doubt you can see anything but PlayStation as far as gaming go. I will be buying this game.

_-EDMIX-_1331d ago

@PigPen- ? I'm actually buying this game too bud. Just because I'm not going coo coo for cocoa puffs over this game doesn't mean I'm not getting it or hate it or hate the Wii U.

What I'm saying about this title is very true regardless of what system its on or if I own it etc, its just the nature of gaming. One of my favorite RPGs the gen prior was the Xenosaga series on PS2, I own all 3 titles and I'm sorry but it would be a joke to say any one of those games would "move units" that is just exteremly not likely, Ni No Kuni is another great example, its a great RPG, many put it as one of the best last gen and many people's wasn't going to move units, same goes for even if they make a Ni No Kuni 2, I'm sorry but regardless of how great those titles are to JRPG fans, they are just niche titles in gaming that don't move Halo or GT units lol.

That isn't being mean, that isn't even hating on the game, thats just purely how the market is.

I'm getting this game and I'll be the first to say it won't just move huge units for Wii U. MOST JRPGs won't just move units for any of the big 3, Final Fantasy is easily one of the only titles that is even remotely capable of that.

Know what is real objective criticism based on historical findings and just pure hating. I'll be the first to say I do my fair share of the "lolz" with this title, but its more based on the fans that support it. This is a game I want to play.....its in my top 10 this year to buy at the very bottom....

its not a bad game, but its not MGSV, its not Final Fantasy XV or Witcher 3 etc. I like the game, but I'm not just saying it will outsell, move units and be GOTY.

That is just insane and extremely not likely, you could still buy the game and not just believe it will do things that are not even normal in terms of the genre in the west

I don't see many GOTY's, I don't see it moving huge units for the Wii U and I don't see it outselling any of the major hitters this summer or fall. As a fan of the director....I wouldn't say that about any of the Xenosaga's and I own the whole series...

But hell, I wouldn't say that about Life Is Strange either but I still own the game and love it so far. You don't need to be a crazed zealot to like this game. I don't think it will do much in terms of what I listed above, but thats ok, neither did some of my favorite games of all time. Its not an insult, its just how things are in gaming.

wonderfulmonkeyman1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

I think you're underestimating its potential.
Especially considering many who want FFXV also mention wanting this.
It's not as niche as its predecessor.

gamejediben1331d ago

Well it already moved me to buy a Wii U.

As soon as I finished the first Xenoblade, I immediately went online to see if there was any hope for a sequel. Finding out that the sequel was almost ready for release was the best news I'd gotten in years. We still don't have a US release date yet but until then, I'll be playing the Wii U's greatest hits: Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2.

Seeing as this is the ONE OF THE FEW big JRPGs that is confirmed to be releasing this year, where are the rest of the JRPG fans? Are you guys going to just ignore this glittering jewel of awesome sauce because it's on the Wii U?

I thought us JRPG fans were past all that...

joel011331d ago

@gamegediben as much I am longing for xenoblade , with the announcement of Star Ocean , ps4 is again the home of jrpgs.

gamejediben1331d ago

Why limit yourself to one console?

Last gen, the Wii had a bunch of JRPGs. If I only owned a PS3, I'd have missed out on:

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
The Last Story
Zelda: Skyward Sword
Little King's Story
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Super Paper Mario
and most importantly, Xenoblade Chronicles

The Xbox 360 had:

Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Tales of Vesperia
and a bunch of others too

I go where the games go. If the next great Final Fantasy went only to the PS Vita, I'd buy one. If I just pick one console, I'll miss out on lots of great JRPGs.

MSBAUSTX1331d ago

xbox 360 also had a star ocean and phantasy star.

benji1011331d ago

hmm ps4 is just getting ps3 ports.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1331d ago

yet majority of them are also on PS3 or Vita.

Agent_hitman1331d ago

I have to agree with that. I have seen the latest gameplay demo of this game last night on YT, and I was impressed. This game is shaping up to be the best Wii U's console seller for this year.

Amazing and awesome!

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