Little Big Planet Boss Battle Gameplay Video

A recent video of a Little Big Planet Boss battle showed up on It was taken at E3 by Sev1512 of the PlaystationLifestyle staff. Enjoy.

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Obama3774d ago

wow, I didn't know there are enemies. This is potential goty.
This looks way better than some retarded bear roaming around in a pink vehicle.

theusedfake3774d ago

at first I thought this game looked just okay,
but the more I see of it, the more it's a
day 1 purchase for me.

looks amazing

Surfman3774d ago

Already see this video on N4G

Overr8ed3774d ago

All that's left is a Sackboy holding a Rifle to make this game complete... Nah J/K this game is going to be awesome.

CaptainHowdy3774d ago

my tear ducts are moistening at the thought of how many geeked away hours i will spend planning working and re-working into the middle of the night. Final Fantasy VII all over again (300+ hours) wasn't until ff7 that i releaized there's a such thing as 5 AM!!!!!

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