The Co-op Podcast #115: As The Xbox Turns

Richard Bailey Jr. at The Koalition writes:

"Welcome to episode 115 of The Co-op Podcast. This week Gary Swaby, Jakejames Lugo, and I discuss the latest from the gaming world. With Microsoft’s fiscal third quarter report out in the open, we give our candid thoughts on the Xbox One sales and whether on not it truly is over for the company.

In other Xbox related news, the company was also at the center of controversy when they uploaded PC gameplay footage from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on their official YouTube account. Should this misleading practice be acceptable in this day and age or are we overreacting to the topic?"

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Romudeth1299d ago

Oh man. Another explosive episode awaits.

rbailey1299d ago

Just as I mentioned on the show, that Witcher 3 PC video being posted on the Xbox YouTube account was a bad look. While they wanted the game looking the best it possibly can be they should have just shown what all xbox one owners will see should they decide to pick up that version of the game. As for the Xbox financials, i'm pretty sure some of those losses were expected but they also need to release more games that people actually want to sell consoles. We will see what happens next but in any event it definitely will be interesting to see what Sony and Microsoft bring to E3 this year.