Tips For A Dark Souls Noob

IM PLAYIN discuss a few hopefully helpful tips for Dark Souls noobs.

"When I first started playing the game, on the Xbox 360, I wrote an article detailing some hints and tips for surviving the epic challenge that is Dark Souls. I’ll admit that I didn’t get overly far with the game, I never reached a Primal Bonfire and I defeated very few bosses – but I still felt that I could contribute something with my article. You can read that one here. This article is going to be slightly different, though, because I kind of feel like I’ve graduated from Dark Souls ‘Noob’ to ‘Beginner’. I would never call myself a pro, or anything near, but I feel like my time spent playing (and failing) at Dark Souls II has given me some helpful advice for fellow noobs and beginners to the series."

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