7 Animals You Should Be Able to Shoot from Your Black Ops III Robot Arm

So, Call of Duty: Black Ops III has just been revealed. There are explosions, guns, explosions, some rock song from a band that was big in the 80s, the usual. But then comes the reveal that you’ve got a robot arm. And with a robot arm comes being able to shoot things out of it. One of those things? Robot bees. Yes, seriously. That also light you on fire.

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crazychris41241298d ago

You know its an article from Twinfinite when they have 8 slides with a couple sentences each. How about you guys added 2 or 3 per page and stop being greedy. Im not giving you the clicks

RalphBlutawn1298d ago

Who approves this stuff? Keep on milking that Black Ops 3 buzz Twinfinite.

OhMyGandhi1298d ago

They should have an oddworld: stranger's wrath element.

The7Reaper1298d ago

Trash no clicks from me so you can get money your crappy website doesn't deserve