Silent Hills Cancelled; Was It Too Good To Be True?

After the big news that Silent Hills is no more, looking back we can't help but feel it was too much to ask.

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kyon1471324d ago

Such a sad day, this game looked awesome.

DarkOcelet1324d ago

"But really, do you think such a game could ever be as good as this could have been?"

Silent Hill Homecoming/Downpour in my opionion were good games a 7/10.

But Silent Hill 1/2/3/4 were Masterpieces. 10/10

And Shattered Memories was 9/10 for its incredible story telling and ost but it was on the short side and no combat was really a bad decision.

Silent Hill Origin was a 7.5/10 just because it still retained a small amount of charm from the first three games.

The thing is, they will never reach the masterpiece badge again unless they make a high budget game again and give a damn about the franchise.

But since they fired the genius who was doing that for them, then i doubt they will make it a masterpiece again.