Mass Effect 4 Leak Analysis - Podcast Unlocked

IGN go through the gameplay details revealed in the alleged leak, and discuss what kind of game it might make.

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Legion211241d ago

Stopped watching as soon as they said the protheans created the reapers. I don't see how these guys get paid to play and review games but can't remember main plot lines. Don't waste your time.

The_Sage1240d ago

Thanks... I almost started watching the vid, then I checked your comment. Thanks for saving me from wasting my time.

psychosmurf1011241d ago

Protheans never made the reapers....smh IGNorant

Ethereal1241d ago

They seriously said Protheans created the reapers?!? Really? I mean really?

TricksterArrow1241d ago

They can't even remember Javik's name...

Summons751241d ago

I'm really betting on a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster for PS4/Xbone and a teaser for Mass Effect 4 (releasing in 2016) at E3 this year.

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