Predict the Review Score For: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red’s hugely anticipated new role-playing game is already in the hands of some reviewers. What scores will this blockbuster pull down?

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DarkOcelet1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Hmmm, I say like Bloodborne. A metacritic score of 93/100.

Or 95/100 if Polygon and other gaming sites stop nitpicking the hell out of the game.

Overall i would say 93/100 is my final bet.

One thing i am pretty sure of, sites like Gamespot will most likely lower the score over the depiction of women in Witcher 3 just like they did with GTAV so that will impact the score.

I will still get it Day Zero!

Neonridr1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Gamespot gave both the original and the remake of GTA V a 9/10. That's a fabulous score reserved for few games regardless.

DarkOcelet1206d ago

Did you see why they lowered the score?

"The Bad

Politically muddled and profoundly misogynistic "

WTF!! I am not gonna comment on that.

mikeslemonade1206d ago

9.1 and I will be plus or minus .2 correct. I'm flat out immaculate in predictions.

tinynuggins1206d ago

92 metacritic is my guess. Are we playing for bubbles? :)

DarkOcelet1206d ago

Hahahaha, i won last time so lets go for it :)

It would be great to win again.

tinynuggins1206d ago

You nailed it dead on last time.

DarkOcelet1206d ago

Hopefully you nail it this time although a fair warning, this game looks to good for a 92/100. You might want to change that while there is still a chance :P

ArchangelMike1203d ago

I'll play for bubbles.

94 (or higher) on Metacritic is my guess.

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Magicite1206d ago

Im pretty sure it will be above 9 and gets nominated for GOTY.

Eiyuuou1206d ago

I'm betting on a 94/100. I can be optimistic sometimes.

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The story is too old to be commented.