DC Universe Online Playable at Comic Con

"For those of you who were positively bursting with excitement at the idea of such as MMO, we here at TGR have an update concerning the game. The Creative Director at SOE, Chris Cao, informed us today that a playable demo of the game will be made available at Comic Con next week and will feature Superman locked in combat with one of his most bitter opponents, the Kryptonian A.I. Brainiac."

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Nick27283805d ago

They're really steaming along on this project...the game is just announced and already the demo is soon to released for public play. They must believe they really have something here. Of course it is about some of the most well known comic characters ever but I'm more prepared to believe this will turn out to be a quality product.

predator3805d ago

the concept of the game sounds interesting but from what i saw im not to sure about, hopefully it will be good when released

Raoh3805d ago

that pic is for mk vs dc

Relin3804d ago

I realized that after it got approved, and now I can't edit the image anymore. Oh well...