We're in For An Avalanche of Quality Open-World gaming in Mad Max & Just Cause 3 - MGLMix

A video cast in reaction to Mad Max's quality gameplay from last week showing the game is more than a mere movie tie in game and anticipation ahead of tomorrows big reveal on Just Cause 3 which could see a big impact in gaming this year from Avalanche Studios.

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MadMax1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

2 of my most anticipated games of the year! Just Cause 2 was awesome, and MadMax ive been waiting for since the 80s! Any of you kids that have not yet seen Mad Max1 and the Road Warrior, you owe it to yourself.

Skip Beyond Thunderdome altogether, as it is the weakest of the 3 and feels too distant to the first 2 films. The actor that played Toecutter in the first film is also playing villian in the new Fury Road.

It could be a surprise as George Miller likes to do, but could the new villian actually be the Toecutter reconstructed?

Blackleg-sanji1325d ago

Wait wait just cause is due this year?!! Of fuck me man I need to reconstruct my gaming list of 2015 again!!!

rosscoffx1325d ago

Genuinely laughed out loud at that one buddy. Yes this year, chances are that a date may well come along tomorrow with the gameplay reveal.

2pm UK time.

MadMax1325d ago

Theyre saying this holiday season 2015. Keeping my fingers crossed, as things always seem to get pushed back these days.

It looks sweet already. No doubt in my mind will it fail! Either will MadMax!

rosscoffx1325d ago

Agree all all counts buddy, like I said in the video you should watch those films if you've it seen them. Classics and the setting means it's doesn't lose much over time.

Looking forward to it a lot more now and Just Cause 3

Revolver_X_1325d ago

I agree about releasing it up against MGS5. While I will be getting both, August looks to be a dry month Avalanche ;)