Yes, people are still playing Destiny. Find out why for £18.57 on PS4 & XO

Dealspwn: Every time someone on the internet mentions Destiny, I hear people grumbling. "Why are you writing all these Destiny articles?" "Are people still playing Destiny?"

Well, yes, they are. We are still playing Destiny. Despite its disappointing storyline and repetitive structure, it's an engaging and convenient social experience that allows you and a few mates to play on your terms, both cooperatively and competitively, all while earning persistent upgrades. You're a bit late to the party, guardian, but if you want to get involved you can grab a current-gen copy for just £18.57.

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Blues Cowboy1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Haha, I'm still playing Destiny! There's always backlash on articles, but a huge silent majority who just read and enjoy the game. That's why lots of sites write a strangely large number of articles - negative comments but I bet they get loads of views.

bggriffiths1324d ago

Sold Destiny a while back, but there's always a part of me that worries about missing out. To be fair, I enjoyed it until the Light upgrades began and just couldn't afford the time required to keep going. Too much effort for too little reward.

If Bungie would have met some gamers half way by at least including matchmaking for Raids, I think more would have stuck with it -myself included.

I'm just worried that the fact they've managed to keep an audience without matchmaking and the sluggish levelling means that they may not want to change anything in the future or in a sequel.

OmegaShen1324d ago

Matchmaking for raids is beyond dumb, you be match with noobs with no mics or cocky players that think they are the best in the world (yet they haven't got a kill and they are at max light level).

An you do know Bungie was trying to make Destiny like a mmo right? So the stuff they did is just like some mmo's.

But the dlc, we can get max light level with old gear and dlc gear doesn't need to exp for more attack or defense.

WildArmed1324d ago


You are mistaking Matchmaking for being limited as a quick join feature.

We are asking for a platform to create and set up parties.

It's not that hard, almost every new MMO does it.

Step 1: Setup a request, example: LFG Crota NM
Step 2: When someone applies, their past completion for Crota shows up and also shows their levels / items equipped etc.
Step 3: You can accept or decline the person and repeat step 2-3 until you have a full raid.

Also, it's sad and silly we don't have daily and nightfall matchmaking.

Weekly matchmaking is working well, I don't see why we can't have the other two.

OmegaShen1324d ago

Still a dumb idea, heroic weekly is a mess when you are match with players that rush through it.

Plus the dumb players that still think you can push raid bosses off, most mmo's that use matchmaking for raids never really get used. I watch people just join up and do it.

WildArmed1324d ago

Yeah, because doing the weekly solo and not completing is a much dumber idea than have 2 randoms join in and trying to complete it together.

And obviously going to a website to do LFG matchmaking is MUCH better idea of implementing the SAME matchmaking system in-game.

You keep telling yourself less options = better.

MysticStrummer1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

@Omega - Not having the option for raid matchmaking is beyond dumb, especially since other parts of the game have that option. Having the option doesn't take away other methods of getting a group together.

LeoDDestroyer1323d ago

Why do people keep wanting matchmaking for raids. Bungie has already shown that their matchmaking system would do more harm then good for the raid or nightfall mostly b/c of disconnects. Once someone gets disconnected that same person making it back in are slim at most. Not to mention people just have shit that get in the way of them staying.

If you want to do the raid going to a lfg site I feel is the best way to go about it. For one you know that the people you'll be joining are actually dedicated to the raid. You also have greater control any requirements you may have like a mic(something bungie has not been able to do for whatever reason).

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WildArmed1324d ago

Likewise, I'm still playing Destiny on a weekly basis.

A couple of my friends get together and we run the weekly / nightfall after that we put it down for the week.

TM3331324d ago

That's me. I just run the weekly heroic and nightfall now, waiting until House of Wolves drops. Even that feels tedious sometime though LOL.

FamilyGuy1324d ago

The Daily are story mode, you don't really need a team for those. Nightfall matchmaking would be nice.

WildArmed1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

You don't but it'd be nice to be able to co-op through the story. Esp if you are running the harder level missions.

All games that have story coop have some sort of matchmaking, then there's destiny. Not only does the story mission not have matchmaking for it's "always online" coop, but it doesn't even do matchmaking for the daily story (which people are running more often than weekly.. since it's limited to that day).

Truthfully every story missions should have matchmaking, I mean that's the point I set my fireteam to public / private / closed.

3-4-51323d ago

* Destiny is a really well made that. It doesn't have a lot of bugs, is fun to play, and has good multiplayer.

It's the little things they got wrong.....the easy things...they messed those up.

* I kind of want to come back to it and play more but I'd have to see if the DLC packs are worth it.

FreakOrama1324d ago

That headline made me giggle a bit xD

WildArmed1324d ago

Honestly, Destiny needs to go free since majority of the content is behind the season pass at this point.

They should do something with PS+ (free base client) and then people can purchase the season pass if they so choose.

Fixay1324d ago

Honestly doesn't sound that bad of an idea at this point

FamilyGuy1324d ago

You need to learn the definition of "majority". What comes on the disc as a standard is a LOT more than what is in the two expansions. Plus the expansions are both end-game content. Stuff you do after level 20, after level 24 really.


1st expansion: 1 raid, 2 strikes, 1 strike playlist, 3 story missions, 1 pvp mode, 3 pvp maps

2nd expansion: PvP arena, survival mode, a few story missions, at least 1 strike, a second player hub.

Main game: 1 Raid, 6 Strikes, 4 strike playlist, 19 story missions, 4 patrols, 1 player hub, 6 pvp modes, 10 pvp maps,

WildArmed1324d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I was talking about content worth playing.

The new strike playlist is under the DLC, so you CANNOT run the strikes that give you engrams upon completion.

You CANNOT buy majority of the stuff from XUR as they rotate DLC content.

You CANNOT run the weekly / nightfalls strikes every week, some weekly you are locked out because you don't have the DLC.

You CANNOT take part in Iron Banner events (or any new events they do) as they are locked behind DLC.

Let's not make it sound like the content played up to lv20 was any good. All of my Destiny friends hated the content pre-20, the real game is post 20 (and honestly is when I started to have fun).

Exotics and fun legendary gear are all lv20.

In fact, most people don't even want to create another character because they have to play through the sorry excuse of story.

Strikes and raids are the best part of destiny. The only strike playlist that gives you engrams (and 6 vanguard marks) was moved from non-DLC to DLC paywall. I spend most of my time in Destiny doing PvE, the fact they took away the 6 vanguard mark playlist instead of creating another one with better rewards is just pathetic and screams that Bungie has no intentions of keeping the basic content players around. It'll be interesting to see if they decide to screw over people that only have DLC 1 in the vanguard playlists as well.

The best strike playlist is behind a paywall, 1 of 2 raids is behind a paywall. And all events in the future are behind a paywall.

We can pretend the story mode is worth playing, we can pretend that VoG is actually done often.. but they are not.

We can pretend grinding vanguard marks and commendations to get to 31 is fun or you can do the dlc raid and get to 32 with relatively less grinding.

The game has nothing going for it's but it's end-game content. Majority of which is behind the DLC (even more so with HoW coming).

It's not just Destiny that does this, it's a common MMO model. This is why you sell the core for free and have people buy the dlc.

Please continue to tell me how anyone that buys the base game is getting their money's worth. The base game is pretty worthless at this point.

-No events for people without DLC
-Vanguard mark (and faction) grindfest if you want to get to 30+
-Xur content cannot be bought if it's DLC content
-Even weekly/nightfalls/dailies cannot be played if it's DLC
-No blue engrams on completion of vanguard playlists because they moved the best one to DLC
-Most people won't run VoG normal anymore, as people just run VoG hard and crota nm/hm.
-Get to play the most boring story mode every created

The base game seems like a real winner here.

FamilyGuy1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I got to 30 with 3 characters before the first expansion dropped and you know what it was a HUGE "grindfest". Complaining that doing it without the DLC takes too long is a pointless complaint because it NEVER CHANGED. It took a long time pre-DLC and it takes a long time Post-DLC.

Blue gear still drop in the level 24 Strike playlist btw, and you get 6 marks + 25 reputation points. It's the exact same as the level 26 DLC playlist except aren't guaranteed decoherent engrams

The arguement was where the majority of the content was, not the "worthwhile content".

CobraKai1324d ago

I love Destiny. It's actually turned me into multiplayer fan.

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