The Order: 1886 Review - A Tale of Intrigue and Conspiracy | The Zero Review

After taking some time to let the dust settle, Ben takes a good hard look at what was supposed to be one of Playstation's biggest titles this year - The Order: 1886

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Toiletsteak1328d ago

I got this with my PS4 yesterday, it doesn't seem too bad but it feels more like a tech demo to show what the PS4 is capable of, maybe if there is a sequel it will have more gameplay.

hulk_bash19871328d ago

This game needs a sequel that expands on the gameplay and story. I enjoyed it for what it is.

ChouDa1328d ago

People were put off by it being $60 and not nearly enough content to substantiate the costs. With that said, the game itself is fun and the cinematics are awesome...

Side note: haven't played the entire thing yet. Ha!

Minute Man 7211327d ago

Can't wait for The Order 1887 The Americas.