A new breed of Video Game piracy

A group of Chinese hackers announced a device to "backup" Skylander toys. Their videos showcase Skylander characters created from scratch.

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spicelicka1297d ago

I can't believe people actually pay for these little shits anyway

Codewow1297d ago

I have to agree. They're $15 apiece too! That's insane....

Nevers0ft1297d ago

Makes sense, they are based on NFC technology which (as far as I know) provides little protection against cloning. I have to be honest, it's somewhat tempting to me for stuff like Amiibos - I have no interest in collecting figures (although I would happily pay less for an Amiibo card or DLC code but that's not an option)

GordonKnight1297d ago

With Amiibo scalpers that will be an option soon.