Why P.T. is a bigger loss than Silent Hills

VideoGamer: "Silent Hills getting scrapped is a disappointment, but losing P.T. is a real blow."

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My_Outer_Heaven1331d ago

PT was good but this article is annoying, of course losing Silent Hills is more important. At least we got to play PT, we wont get to play Kojima's Silent Hills game ever again! What an idiot, its called having some perspective.

Palitera1331d ago

One could say that one is great, the other was a promise.
It is called evaluation.

Debaitable1331d ago

There's always the possibility that Kojima can get the team back together under his own studio and just create a new horror franchise that will overshadow Silent Hill.

Don't give up hope. Not yet.

DarkOcelet1331d ago

I think Sony might recruit Kojima and buy Silent Hill IP.

Imagine the awesome possibilities with a high budget Silent Hill game again.

Skankinruby1331d ago

Just the thought of that is making me drool a little. Sony owning the franchise and Kojima in the drivers seat? Oh that would be amazing

WizzroSupreme1331d ago

I sure hope someone picks up Silent Hills. Fingers crossed!

rebeljoe141331d ago

They'll make documentary about the downfall of Konami and this is the thing that will be remembered most about it

MysticStrummer1331d ago

Download PT before it leaves the store and it won't be lost, so no, Silent Hills is the bigger loss by far even though we obviously don't know how it would have turned out.

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