Vita memory cards, hand grips and power charger discounted

New Vita accessory deals include the 64GB Memory Card at $87.60, 16GB Memory Card at $31.60, CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip at $10.88, PS Vita Portable Charger 1t $17.96 and more.

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SoapShoes1149d ago

Same price as a 32gb in the States. Lol! They need to phase those out completely.

XisThatKid1148d ago

Got mine for 54 with shipping I'm good. Was thinking of getting one for the wife but still too much for me.

slinky1234561148d ago

XisThatKid, where did you get one for 54???

guitarded771148d ago

Even if I had a 64gb card I couldn't fit everything on it. The proprietary cards piss me off. I know they did it to avoid hacking, but it was kinda stupid. Sorry... rant.

Lionalliance1149d ago

uff, for a reason i read discontinued lol. Will probably get some now.

Der_Kommandant1148d ago

Same here, nearly have a heart attack.

trickman8881148d ago

Lol same. good god my eyes suck.

Xof1148d ago

Same here.

I guess that's what we're all expecting.

KryptoniteTail1149d ago

Over $31 for a 16 GB? Madness.

Soldierone1149d ago

Ouch! Still overpriced as hell all these years later. PSP cards were dirt cheap by this time in its life.

DragoonsScaleLegends1149d ago

Well the PSP memory cards had multiple competitors making them. Sony is the only one making Vita memory cards thus they are extremely overpriced even when on sale.

magiciandude1149d ago

That's one of the major issues with the PSVita. I am still using a measly 4GB memory card since launch... Sony dropped the ball, and hard. There's no doubt about that.

FlameWater1149d ago

googles list of vita racing games...laughs
googles list of psp racing games...makes amazon account

Protagonist1148d ago

Ehh? you must have posted wrong or something. This article is not about racing games for the Vita.

But since you dont have a Vita, and for some strange reason, despite being on N4G, doesn´t know that you can play all the PSP games on the Vita! someone should have told you.

FlameWater1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Ya paying full price makes the experience so much better XD

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The story is too old to be commented.