So Let's Talk About Mods Being Sold On Steam (The Jimquisition)

Jim Sterling: "There was no way we couldn't talk about this one today - in fact, I don't think I've had a more requested topic! Valve recently allowed modders to start selling their work through its Workshop, a move that has ignited comment sections, social media, and Steam itself. It's chaos out there!"

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DarkOcelet1327d ago

I dont like the idea that neither Steam nor Bethesda should take a penny from a modder's hard work. Seriously 25% only and they get 75%? WTF is this?!

I am all for donation for their hard work but what Valve is doing right now is being a Piece Of $hit Greedy Company and hopefully the crap they are doing does not succeed.

**** You Valve and GTFO Bethesda for taking money off from people who fix your damn $hit.

Pandamobile1327d ago

I've got no problem with Valve and Bethesda taking a cut. After all, it's Valve's marketplace service and Bethesda's game and IP.

That said, 75% is absolutely ludicrous. Even a 50/50 split is pushing it in my opinion.