Gamespot: E3 2008: N+ Impressions

N+ is a title both apt and misleading. It's apt for its simplicity, but misleading in its length. So what is N+? It's an upcoming 2D platformer starring a little black ninja that began as a flash game, and now is on its way to the DS and PSP. The game is remarkable both for its simplicity -- the graphics are extremely basic and the controls are, too (you can only run and jump). Yet, the game features a physics engine that would make Gordon Freeman say "Wow!"

You see, your little black ninja is subject to both momentum and inertia. If you get a good running start, you can run him or her way up a wall and then kick off through the air to land on a distant platform. But be careful, if you have too much speed you'll carry your little self all the way over that little platform and into an abyss, or even worse, failure. Fortunately for you, the DS version we saw featured two different view modes for each stage. On the top screen was a large version of the level, with a tiny ninja jumping around inside it. So if you needed to plot your overall course, you'd take a look at the top screen to see where to go. The bottom screen featured a much closer perspective to help you with all your precise jumps and other acts of ninja derring-do.

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