Silent Hill Is One More Nail In Konami’s Coffin

Well, it was something that everyone was wondering about in the wake of Konami’s explosive—and still largely undisclosed—split from Hideo Kojima, but now it’s official. Guillermo Del Toro has taken to his own Twitter account to personally confirm that Silent HilIs, or at least the version that he was collaborating on with Hideo Kojima, is dead. The actor tapped to participate in the game, Norman Reedus, has similarly confirmed this on Twitter as well.

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ArchangelMike1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I get that Koniami want a company that is not dependent on a single personality, but lets be real here - there are certain individuals - Kojima for example - that have a creative gift. More importantly, that creative gift has garnered millions of fans world wide. It is those fans that inturn bring your company revenue through those game sales.

The Konami gaming division is bringin in less and less revenue (when compared to the gambling machine division), so what do you do as as company? - you sabotage your strongest gaming IPs by "dishonourably discharging" your best creative gaming asset - Kojima.

Silent Hills would have made the company millions - no doubt there will still be a Next-Gen Silent Hill game in developmet down the line, but without the creative talents of the likes of Kojima and Del Toro behind it - I'm willing to bet that it will be another generic, storyless, meandering, 3rd person zombie shooter, with the same tired gaming tropes and mechanics that we've seen a hundred times already.

Apologies for the rant, but I'm just so pi$$ed off with the complete lack of acknowledgement of what the fans want. After the P.T. demo there was such positive feedback that this direction was what the fans really wanted. When will companies really begin to listen to their customers and learn that "the consumer is always right!"