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Sitting down to start a four-hour play session of The Witcher 3, there were a few things I expected. The numerous gameplay trailers and showcases had left little for me to discover on my own, a thought that immediately crossed my mind as the familiar opening sequence loaded up on the Xbox One, pre-gold build. Geralt, and the world of Novigrad, looked as spectacular in person as it has on the internet – but that was essentially where the similarities ended.

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Fallen861298d ago

well written! This just get me more exiting. I think i have watch every video/news out there since 2013. Call me crazy but im a huge witcher fan.And im not alone. Loved the games & the comic house of glass. and gonna start on the books now. may 19th where the hell are you. it isn't going fast enough

starchild1298d ago

It was a nice read. This previewer seemed just as impressed with the game as other previewers have been. He seemed to be particularly impressed with the storytelling, the characters, the combat, and the graphical presentation.

It all sounds right up my alley.

MrCherry1298d ago

Same, happy to see xboxONE looks good to play on and dont have to buy a ps4.

stormswrath1297d ago

It's good to hear that the console versions are as.good if not better than I expected. I was beginning to wonder a little since cdpr seem hesitant to show the console versions off.