MAG could be available as early as Spring 2009

Eurogamer had a long chat with David Reeves at the SCEE event yesterday, and discussed Europe's "day and date" releases for the PS3's upcoming library for the rest of the year. He also mentions the 2009 lineup, mentioned that "coming in spring will be inFamous and MAG, and God of War [3] will be coming...

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smokeymicpot3776d ago

This game seems pretty good. Im happy that zipper made it because possibly it can be like socom or something sort of like it.

Hopefully this game has a beta and gets released when they say it does. Because sony will some how delay it

Hydrolex3776d ago

Spring 2009. Enjoy your gay console.

Gaylo and ...

Don't get me wrong. I have an xbox 360 too. If you don't believe send me a message

Microsoft_Spokesman3776d ago

This game looks so fcking good!

Better than anything that my company can pull out of it ass.
BTW LIPS= poor mans Singstar.

Nitrowolf23776d ago

i wonder how long sony been working on this title
hopefully it doesnt get delayed then but i can see that happening since this is the 1st console FPS game i believe to ever support 256 players. hopefully sony will have a beta. and hopefully it will be easy to get into it. you know not random invites or that mybe like what MGO did, reserve the game and get a beta code

Overr8ed3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

God of war in Spring 09? nah. is it a FPS game or TPS. i hope its TPS its more strategic then FPS. I hope MAG comes Early Summer since too Infamous is out in Spring. Its going to be interesting how Sony is going to Map out its games.

Jinxstar3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I believe it's the first shooter to support anything over 60 or 70 players.

MMO's are different as they don't take into account trajectory of bullets and physics and many other things this game seems to offer. So it truly is revolutionary...


GOW1 March 05
GOW2 March 07
GOW COO March 08
GOW3 Take a guess bro.

Aclay3776d ago

God of War Chains of Olympus wasn't developed by the same studio that developed God of War 2 and the studio that developed God of War 2 has been working on God of War 3 for over a year now.

Sony Santa Monica developed God of War 2 and released it in 2007 and God of War 3 has been in development ever since early 2007 and seeing that God of War 3 will probably require about 2 and a half years of development, it's coming out in 2009 sometime, there is no need to take a guess.

Jinxstar3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

All I am saying is they have a tradition of releasing in March. I would think March 09 would be the best bet as of right now. if March 2010 then boo hoo for me but I am sure it will be well worth it. If it releases otherwise then sure but I just have a feeling it wont.

DaTruth3776d ago

Dear God of war Devs... Please take your time. Would hate to see this epic franchise have it's awesome name trampled... No matter how bad I want to play it. Thank you.

Chris Bosh3776d ago


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Petitionstation 33776d ago

Spring 2009?????????? This is complete Bullshit™! If it were possible, they would not have done a 'Killzone' and showed a CG trailer.

CaptainHowdy3776d ago

who knows how long this has been in development...since late last year insiders were talking about a mind blowing secret game. this could be it....i mean 256 players is pretty mind blowing

gameraxis3776d ago

they said its been in the cooker for 3 years... and i also hope its a third person...

Origin3776d ago

they might of wanted to save ingame footage for other events

Forbidden_Darkness3776d ago

So we have Killzone 2 in febuary, InFamous in Spring and than we also have MAG, God of War 3, The agency, DC Universe, White Knight Chronicles (hopefully), WarDevil, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain (hopefully), LA NOIRE and a few more in 2009?

Origin3776d ago

maybe the next naughty dog project also

Jinxstar3776d ago

DC Universe will probably be a while though. MMO's take an incredibly long time to make. Otherwise here's hoping.

DaTruth3776d ago

My wallet just screamed in pain. Especially since I'll have to quit my job to play all these.

thor3776d ago

Have sony learnt? Or was this their strategy from the beginning? I'm starting to think their marketing department might have some brains after all. If this really does release in spring, they've done a FANTASTIC job. I mean, it has been in development for years already...

three3043776d ago

remember when the ps1 and ps2 was being talk about, the next thing he said was games like gta 1year away, ff 2year away, g-o-w 6year away. sony has big games in the work, they mapping it out over 10year not all in 1 or 2 years

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