7 Destiny Weapons We'll Max Out Immediately With House of Wolves

The Fireteam crew discusses the weapons they want to max out as soon as the DLC hits on May 19th.

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WizzroSupreme958d ago

Anyone know how long House of Wolves is looking it'll be?

NewMonday958d ago

1- Fatebringer
2- Icebreaker
3- Gjalyhorn
4- Blackhammer
5- Hawkmoon(for Iron Banner)
6- Word of Crota(for void burn)
7- Jolders Hammer

WildArmed958d ago (Edited 958d ago )

Can't argue with your top three. That's probably my first three I want to ascend too.

After that,

4. Vision of Confluence (for solar burn)
5. Word of Crota (If i ever get it - for void burn)

Do you not need the new material to upgrade exotics to the next level? They confused me when they said exotics will be ready to go?

Edit: Nvm, they answered it just as soon as I hit play again :P

So my 20 exotic shards will probably take care of my fav exotics right away.

masterfox958d ago

1. No land beyond
2. No land beyond
3. No land beyond
4. No land beyond
5. No land beyond
6. No land beyond
7. And sharky

Haters gonna hate :D

InTheZoneAC958d ago (Edited 958d ago )

I'll log in when it comes out, upgrade, then log off forever

But it'll be the Thorn...or Gjallarhorn...or Fatebringer...or Efrideet's Spear...or a fusion rifle...

maybelovehate958d ago

1. gjally
2. crypt dweller: drop with outlaw and firefly
3. swordbreaker
4. corrective measure
5. blackhammer
6. mida
7. fatebringer

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