Konami Launches MGO In-Game Shop, Gene Expansion

"In addition to launching a free update with MGOnline Reward Points and an in-game shop for buying virtual goods, Konami has released Gene Expansion and Gene Expansion Plus, its first expansions for Metal Gear Solid 4's online multiplayer spinoff for PlayStation 3, Metal Gear Online."

Players have many ways to get reward points, including filling out questionnaires and winning tournaments or raising their character's performance level. You can buy character equipment at the store.

The expansion features two new characters, three new maps, and a new Survival Mode for $11.99.

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CaptainHowdy3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Now this takes the game's monetray control theme to new heights. Sign me up. b4 anyone freaks out with nasty replies, the reward points are free....the expansion pack....

ThatCanadianGuy3776d ago

oh great..MGO-store,looks like i cant buy this then

that built in store is sooo F*ckin stupid.i forgot 1 of the many passwords they force you to make,now i can get in :/

Knightmare3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

LOL, been through the same prob. having so many usernames and passwords for one account (they can't be identical too!) is just plain stupid. Can't remember which one's which!

Fowack3776d ago

not that i really care basically done with the game and i can't stand mgo