Black Ops 3 could be the best Call of Duty yet

Red Bull writes: A new game engine, four-player co-op and much more could make Black Ops 3 amazing.

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TheEnigma3131120d ago

They say this with every release.

Simco8761120d ago

Exactly what I was thinking

nX1120d ago

And for your own sanity, you should never believe them... let's just judge it once it's released.

Crazyglues1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Yeah your not kidding either, I mean every single release, the same exact thing...

This could be the best Call of Duty yet, ...LoL

-and two weeks after release...

it turns out to be like every other call of duty / just another call of duty

HaleHankock1120d ago

Yep my thoughts exactly. And every cod is released with terrible spawns and experience ruining multiplayer lag

Blaze9291120d ago

Well, as the latest - it better be.

OpieWinston1120d ago

First time a CoD reveal trailer has left me bored so I've already got my main shooters for the season picked out.
Halo 5 Guardians
Rainbow Six Siege
Tom Clancy's The Division
Star Wars Battlefront

I gave Black Ops 2 a shot because the firsts campaign was amazing, but 2 was bad so doubt 3 will be the best.

Unreal011120d ago

You know more or less nothing about 3 of those games you listed but you're willing to shit all over Black Ops 3 based on a few seconds of gameplay. Good to know.

Even if the trailer didnt "leave you bored" you'd moan by saying the trailer is falsely making it look better than it is.

OpieWinston1120d ago

I played the Halo 5 Guardians Beta
I'm in the Rainbow Six Siege Alpha
I've been collecting every scrap of details for The Division and it's going to be a hell of a ride of an experience.
Battlefront regrettably doesn't have a whole lot of details but with DICEs audio team I know I'll be getting some mind blowing moments.

I usually play CoD for the high production campaign because the MP hasn't been solid in a long time. All I needed to hear though was that they were adding a Teleport ability to be INSTANTLY turned off. It didn't work for Shadowfall, it's not going to work for BO3. Difference being though that BO3 teleport plays more like a reverse time, sending you to the location you were at 3 seconds ago. Shouldn't be implemented in shooters ever, Treyarch never ceases to surprise at how many awful mechanics they can stuff into a game.

I don't need CoD for a good story experience this year anyways, Halo 5 is looking like it'll be the best Halo campaign wise... So I'm good.

wakeNbake1120d ago

IDK the second one had a pretty good campaign, and the weapon balance was on point, but ultimately it just felt soulless.

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The story is too old to be commented.