ZTGD Review: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

ZTGD: "A longtime fan of the Sid Meier's oeuvre, I was more than a little bit eager to experience a curled up on the couch console version of of the game. Famed for intense, detailed and lengthy gameplay as civilizations battle for glory a successful console translation seemed improbable, and what Civilization Revolution makes clear from the get-go is that it is far from impossible. Building an empire to stand the test of time is different this time around, and largely successful. A traditional turn-based strategy title, the player's challenge is to guide their civilization and its associated culture (everything from Greece to China to France) to victories just as varied. Growing cities, creating world wonders, advancing technology and of course some military enterprise all combine to create a fantastic blend of gaming delight. At this point it may go without saying: I'm more than a little bit of a Sid Meier fangirl."

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snoop_dizzle3775d ago

Great review Catastrophe :)

I might consider buying it.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3775d ago

Nicely done.... The game is great.... and the review as well....