Orion: Prelude, "one of the worst games of all time", still supported three years after launch

"In 2012 we released one of the worst games of all time," says developer Spiral Game Studios, with an odd sort of pride, "And now you can try and play it for free for an entire week starting May 4, 2015."

The game in question is dinosaurs versus space marines shooter Orion: Prelude, which was received with about as much enthusiasm as a condom full of wasps when it launched three years ago.

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crazychris41241329d ago

If you treat it like those crappy syfy movies, play with friends and are drinking then this game is pretty fun for just a buck.

audiophile1011329d ago

i absolutely love this game. it is actually more challenging then it seems, especially the futher you get along with more of the lareer monsers all attacking at once.

the game may not be as reat the ore you level up but as a firt starter its got a great challenge to it

Kal-V31329d ago

"Games can't fail, only developers can" Best quote ever!

WizzroSupreme1329d ago

I guess it must be one of those car-wrecks you just can't look away from.