UK Video Game Chart: Mortal Kombat X makes second week at No.1

Mortal Kombat X finishes another week at No.1 despite a 64 per cent drop in sales week-on-week.

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Kribwalker996d ago

Pretty impressive Forza horizon 2 going on 7 months in the top 20 (mind you it missed a few weeks here and there) and the master chief collection is still selling really well 5 months later

emilijo777995d ago

yep. those xbox one bundles with MCC is really helping.

Foehammer995d ago

Well said

Forza games have always had incredible staying power without the need to bundle.

emilijo777994d ago

exept FH2 is bundled:

"Both ‘Forza Horizon 2’ (-17%) at No7 and ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ (-33%) at No 9 climb into the Top 10 boosted by strong sales of their respective Xbox One Hardware bundles."

Foehammer994d ago


The link goes to a bundle that's 60 pounds more expensive than the X1.

Looks like ppl are willing to pay for the games.

Unlike other bundles that are the same price as the console just to move a game.