Report: British "Canoe Husband" Had a Secret MMO Life

According to a recent report, 56-year-old John Darwin, on trial for faking his death in a canoeing accident, had an adulterous fling with a US woman he met in an unspecified online game.

Darwin's wife, Anne, revealed the MMO details yesterday while testifying for her own defense. The couple is charged with fraud in the case.

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theusedfake3776d ago

Do you see how grumpy that woman looks!?

i would've faked my death too.

mercenarie3775d ago

looks like the grandmother from the movie Lake Dead lol

ngoniko3775d ago

hey is that movie good? i was going to rent it on ps3, but holding back.

Fishy Fingers3775d ago

Yeah, looking at the caption pic, Id say it would of been much easier to fake her death rather than his ;)

Silogon3775d ago

Kansas huh? WOW! Me being from Kansas City, M.O. can certainly tell you we've got the best side. It is a completely different world from the Kansas city Kansas side, trust me. This guy is a jack ass. He should've found someone in a better state.

Going from U.K. to Kansas doesn't cut mustard, man.

Dragonopolis3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

So what, the guy played MMO and banged the freaking girl he met on an MMO.

This is hardly Tech news or gaming news.

Lots of people play games, and now-a-days, it is not unusual for two people to meet off the internet - good or bad!

Stop approving junk and get to the real gaming news.

If some one wants to find out about this crap that's why we have general news sites for.

I've been pretty tolerant myself but you guys keep pulling this crap you going to lose all your "quality" gamers.

No more Reiser murder this and this other bang this or meet this person because of gaming.

This is a GAMING and Gaming Tech site.

Not a Soap Opera of Gaming.

Damn this site is going downhill