Konami confirms contract with Reedus has expired, fails to deny Silent Hills cancellation

Konami has sent Eurogamer over a brief Q&A on the likely Silent Hills cancellation.

In it the Japanese company says it will continue to develop the Silent Hill series, but it fails to deny Silent Hills, specifically, has been cancelled.

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pompombrum1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

So no Kojima, no del Toro and no Reedus but they are still plan to continue the series in the future? Do Konami not like making money or are they allergic to success? Either way, RIP Konami, you'll become irrelevant once MGS 5 is released.

rawrock1033d ago

Thing is Konami is a big company in Japan that sells many things, from washing machines to bottled water. The video game branch of Konami has not been cost effective. So its likely Konami is slashing that part of its company, they got tired of giving Kojima so much money for his projects. They could totally end their games division and still carry on as a successful company in Japan.

Cernunnos1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Well, good luck to them. Their gaming division wont be missed anyways. It has done its part. I'd rather they go down the drain, than milk the MGS franchise without Kojima.

OrangePowerz1033d ago

They got tired of giving Kojima money? The only times when Konami posts actually good profit is when a Kojima game (MGS) is released.

zep1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

HEY you dont make story they dont make washing machine and bottled water wtf are you saying and where tf are you getting those lol

bouzebbal1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

if you are thinking this

then no it's not a washing maching it's an arcade. well ok it's a washing machine :D i give you that.

and if you are thinking this
then no, it's nothing to do with bottled water made by Konami and delivered by old snake himself.

you got more agrees than disagrees...........fml

Crimzon1033d ago

If you look at a financial breakdown of where Konami makes money, you'd see that they actually make the most profit from video games. There's no way they're cutting back on that. I wouldn't be surprised if Konami wanted to pump out Metal Gear Solid games regularly and Kojima was fired because he wasn't willing to do that.

mogwaii1033d ago

You totally pulled that out of your arse! They do not make washing machines and bottled water, card games, slot machines/pokie machines and fitness clubs yes but the rest no.

Nevers0ft1033d ago

@mogwaii Agreed. They have their fingers in a few pies but it's all entertainment (mostly games) or fitness-based.

Blurmobjet1033d ago

Konami's funny.
No, seriously they're joking.
No. I mean they're a joke.

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CernaML1033d ago

Hey now lets not get too hasty. Their Sound Voltex arcade games are pretty fantastic. Give them a few more years at least. I just got into it! :P

DarXyde1033d ago

Looking at what they're doing, I'm almost certain it's a budget thing. Refusing to deny it's not happening? Letting expensive directors and actors for said game go? They probably didn't want to spend the money. And the fact that no other series but Kojima's are affected.

Now I wonder if Metal Gear Solid V is releasing sooner than even Kojima wanted. It's really looking like a money thing and I'm guessing they couldn't afford Kojima's ambitions. I wish they'd just come out and say something. Outside of those titles, Contra and the old Castlevania are the only ones I care about from them, so it looks like they've lost my business.

THC CELL1033d ago

remember the angry bird take down and value of all phones went up
wonder how much id get for my account right now with P.T

lol even tho i have maybe £9000 worth of games on my account i wont sell so soon

suc9151033d ago

It was flappy bird not angry bird just correcting u m8

THC CELL1033d ago

lol am not into gaming, almost tho, thanks butt

rawrock1033d ago

They are not just a game company...

zep1033d ago

they dont make bottled waters and washing machine

Nevers0ft1033d ago

Unless you have some evidence to back up this claim you keep trotting out, I think you're confusing Konami with another company (dunno which). They only do entertainment and fitness clubs.

Baka-akaB1033d ago

Actually they have their current revenues from Fitness and slots machines and other ventures .

It's clear now that they dont even care about appeareances anymore and are basically shutting down most consoles games initiative , besides the obviously lucrative ones that they'll milk

InMyOpinion1033d ago

One of the most sad cancellations ever if true.

darren_poolies1033d ago

F*ck you Konami, just f*ck you.

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