Will Zelda's Absence Hurt Nintendo?

The Legend of Zelda is no showing E3? Whats going on?

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98xpresent997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

lol the wii U is hurting nintendo. And they're stuck in the 1990s

N4g_null997d ago

The 1990s is a nice place to be suck. You know games use to work when you bought them and Internet play was free. You are so right it's like 1990 with HD graphics I'm loving it.

Oh and xenoblade rocks man. Tell all of your skinny pant friends!

mikeslemonade996d ago

You meant blowing on catridges, paying for expensive cartridges, and playing split screen was the pinnacle of the 90s.

Games work, that's a bunch of overhyped BS. It just wasn't has publicized. Chances are that you and your few friends weren't able to find game breaking glitches. Stop being a relic and get with the times!

ColonelRex996d ago

Internet play was free? There was no internet in the early 1990s.

N4g_null996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Dude the snes was launched then.... no one blew on carts after that. Sony had crazy ken and the psn was just a glimmer. The neo geos was bad ass. Pc games had freeware! The arcades we meet in public and you got beat face to face. It was great. I wish you could have seen it all. It kept punks to a minimum. You know what else was great the Internet wasn't as wide spread and trolls like you didn't exist. What times are there to get with? The currently released games on the HD twins suck. Online is still the best On pc and it's still free? Maybe you just need to stop sucking. Oh and the wiiu online is still free and it works. If you want to believe it sucks then isn't that what DDena is for. Plus xenoblade rocks and you know it.

Also I'm sure I've found more game breaking glitches than you mike. I mean come on you don't really play video games and I've been making glitch free games for a while. What video games do you play mike? I just see you trolling something you don't like. You do realize this site isn't THE video game right?

@colonelRex oh the Internet was out then. You couldn't use it but it was being used and it did exsist, just not officially.

BenRage3996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

I don't see Nintendo being stuck in the 90's--kind of an odd comment. But to the topic, I was going to buy a Wii U this year because of the new Zelda; it's my most anticipated game of this generation. But now that it's delayed I am going to wait. I like the Wii U, but it just doesn't have enough games that interest me to justify a purchase.

A lot of people are enjoying it, and that's great, but outside of Mario 3d Land, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta, & Mario Kart, I'm not interested in much more. I only have so much time to play games, and between my PC (own 200+ games), 3DS, Vita, & yup my PS3, I just can't yet justify getting a new system. Besides, by the time my PS3 becomes obsolete, the next logical step seems to get a PS4--and I get remote play on top of that.

I love me some Nintendo, but the lack of a diverse library of 3rd party games has been an issue for awhile, and it's not looking to change anytime soon. Here's hoping Nintendo surprises me at E3.

gamingpro997d ago

Nope, got loads to keep me occupied in the mean time. Can't wait for star Fox and devils third

MSBAUSTX997d ago

and Splatoon, and Mario Maker, and Yoshis Wooly World, and Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Legend of Kay HD, and Rhodea Sky Soldier, and more N64 games on VC.....

I agree with you man. I am pretty surs I will be busy because I am sure there is even more than that coming that I just cant remember right now.

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stragomccloud997d ago

If anything, it'll allow the other titles to shine better~

Besides, there's so many fanboys at there, it's not like even an amazing game like Legend of Zelda will convince anyone to pick up a Wii U. People are worse this gen than they were last gen. People care more about their brands and discrediting others' than actually playing damn good video games.

BiggerBoss996d ago

I disagree. Zelda was Nintendos 2015. All the hype for the Wii U this year was because of Zelda. Yes theres other titles coming (XCX, Splatoon, maybe Starfox) but Zelda was the big one.

I was going to get a Wii U this year to play Zelda, now I wont be buying one. Im sure the other games will be good (especially XCX) but with the lack of third party support AND the lack of a huge exclusive this year, I really dont see reason to buy one. This move will absolutely hurt Nintendo imo

BenRage3996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

I couldn't agree more. And you and I are not hating Nintendo despite the disagrees we are bound to get. You and I want the new Zelda this year. It's totally reasonable to wait to buy the system until it releases. It's not like there aren't other games to play until then.

The new Zelda is one of if not my most anticipated games of all time. An open world-sandbox Zelda is a dream come true. 2015 has taken a big hit in my opinion, unless Nintendo surprises us at E3.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW997d ago

Yes and No-

They need more titles to fill the void of big 3rd Party Support.

But if you have a WiiU just to play Quality Nintendo titles... NO.
In fact, Xenoblade Chron.'s Over 300 Hrs of Gameplay and the reported deep options of Splatoon and Devil's 3rd are enough to keep us going.

Since the WiiU is mostly about Nintendo at this point. Releasing to many of their Big Name Franchises in a year can be self-defeating.

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