Here's The Original Audio of Del Toro Saying Silent Hills Won't Happen

Guillermo del Toro won't work on Silent Hills, hear it from the director himself (if you can over the loud noises).

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DarkOcelet1179d ago

I cant hear $hit.

Its a shame though, it seems like every game Del Toro is involved with gets cancelled.

wheatley1178d ago

Basically I hear "It's not gonna happen.....This is 2 for 2 on my games being cancelled.....the teaser was amazing, what we had planned was amazing, but it's not gonna happen"

Mikelarry1179d ago

all i heard was " its not gonna happen" what "it" means is anyone guess everything before and after was not clear enough to make out, also it didn't help with the people laughing in the background

YodaCracker1179d ago

He's directly responding to the guy who asked: "Can you talk about Silent Hills?" It was clear enough for me to make out.

MysticStrummer1179d ago

How many articles on this do we need?

"Del Toro's Girlfriend's Cousin Confirms Silent Hills Is Canceled"

"Here's Actual Audio of Random People Talking About Silent Hills Cancelation"

"Quit Asking Me About Silent Hills, Says Del Toro"

MrChow6661179d ago

yeah, its getting ridiculous

Nevers0ft1179d ago

In fairness, it's being discussed on multiple websites and n4g is a news aggregation site - it would be weird if they started skipping articles because they're too similar to others.

uth111179d ago

We've only just begun sadly... I expect

"What the Silent Hills cancellation means for the future of gaming"
"5 most disappointing game cancellations of all time"
"fan remakes silent hills in unreal engine"
"Rumors of big Kojima E3 announcement, Silent Hills not dead?"

Palitera1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

140 degrees.

So more.

Btw, tks for commenting and making the post more relevant.

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Grap1179d ago

wait why people are laughing?

DarkOcelet1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I could have sworn i heard Lisa's laugh from P.T. at 0:15 LOL!