How to Make Titanfall 2 Great

Developers Respawn have officially announced that a multi-platform sequel to the shooter is in development. This may polarize some gamers’ opinions; whilst Titanfall was well received on the awards circuit many gamers felt let down by the launch title game.

Here are some thoughts on how to make the sequel a great game...

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Minute Man 7211034d ago

More than 6 vs 6 and fully destructible environments

wakeNbake1034d ago

And lowering/removal of cannon fodder AIs, More guns for both pilots and titans, more attachments and customization with those guns, and a Titan bodyshop with unlockable mods and paintjobs.

alice20151034d ago

single player campaign or no buy and dead game

WilDRangeRfc1034d ago

More game modes,pilot and titan customisation,no bots fixed,the maps,mechanics,gameplay are the best in ant FPS ever made,add a good story with characters you care about

rockwhynot1033d ago

They don't really need to change anything. Titanfall is legit as hell. Just don't waste your time developing it for last gen. Destructible environments would be illmatic