Pyramid Head confirmed in Silent Hill Homecoming

There are two things we know about Pyramid Head. One, he is a physical manifestation of guilt. Two, he generally causes the physical manifestation of crap in your pants. Oh, actually, there is a third thing we know about Pyramid Head: he makes an appearance in Silent Hill Homecoming. This begs the question: what is protagonist Alex Shepherd guilty of? Our guess is that he feels guilty about the desperate fan service required to keep gamers interested in this series.

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Exorgasm3799d ago

It's almost that time again.

theusedfake3799d ago

awesome pic Exorgasm.

that definitely made my day.

Glad to see he's back!

Perch3799d ago

We knew this months ago. He showed up in a trailer Konami showed at their May press event and people reported on it.

Arsenic133799d ago

There wasnt proof tho, he could of been confused with another similar entity, such as the butcher in Origins or Valteil from Silent Hill 3

Rhezin3799d ago

sooo many awesome games coming out I don't know what to get!

DaDarkKnight3799d ago

Its cool to see him in a game again but in a way I dont want to see him again because he was suppose to be James inner monster.

theusedfake3799d ago

Silent Hill can take memories/monsters from
peoples minds that have been there or
maybe they're so evil that they kinda take
over a part of it and stay permanently.

just guessing lol