World of Warcraft's Latest Feature: Achievements

Blizzard have just announced they are adding a brand new feature for World of Warcraft: Achievements! This is something we've seen in other games, and perhaps Blizzard have borrowed from that a little, but no doubt, this will be hugely popular with the 10 million+ players of the world's biggest MMORPG.

Achievements will go live in the highly anticipated upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. See full details of the new Achievement system below.

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Maticus3775d ago

I'm so looking forward to this, more rewards to collect! :D

kalos3775d ago

Prizes and titles? Rewarding exploration more looks promising, though I doubt some of the achievements will be very possible, such as the AV challenge.

brothersimon3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Xbox 360, inspired loads.

if only ps3 could inspire anything, or anybody but nope

but srsly, who plays wow? other than 4-eyed overweights and school kids.. why is wow still alive?

Leathersoup3775d ago

Damn you're funny. You should take your show on the road....

... and preferably get run over by a large truck.

gta_cb3774d ago

you really have no idea lol, over 11million people play WoW. i know a lot of people who play it, and there not "4-eyed overweights" or "school kids"

i also play it, i am not overweight, i am not 4 eyed and i am not a kid.

Maccas3775d ago

since when was this an Xbox 360 game?!

Leathersoup3775d ago

It isn't an Xbox 360 game. These achievements are internal to World of Warcraft.

brothersimon3775d ago

They just copy Microsoft as do Sony, but who wouldn't? Achievements are great and addictive

StarsCream3775d ago

Actually Bliz isnt copying MS (kind of). They are trying like hell to keep as many defectors as they can from leaving WoW for WAR. Warhammer Online was the first MMO to introduce achievements called the Tome of Knowledge.
Other stolen ideas to stunt WAR:
Siege warfare with destructable environs
RVR (pvp) over castle/keep objectives
Pets with their own talent/ability tree
etc etc you get the idea
Next youll hear Bliz boast about "their" upcoming idea Living/Leveling Guild/City !!!!

Jikla3775d ago

Something new to look forward to :D

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