This Cosplay of D’vorah from Mortal Kombat X Will Take Your Breath Away

In this piece, we celebrate the fantastic Mortal Kombat X cosplay work by professional fashion designer, model, and cosplayer Shana Mostella.

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SegaGamer903d ago

My breath was not taken away :P

NecotheSergal903d ago

It's not TOO hard to do if you got the right makeup and coloured lenses. Though she did put decent effort into it I can say that much.

But I'm sure others can do much better, I've seen a lot more cosplays that are REAAALLY good, some found at Cons or Blizzardcon or Anime cons are damn impressive and you know the people can spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on it in comparison.

spicelicka903d ago

My breath still exists too

chrissx903d ago

I wonder what about that cosplay was supposed to seize our breathe lol

SockeyBoy903d ago

That she is outside and not in the kitchen.

Spotie903d ago

People still make these jokes?

iamgoatman903d ago

"This cosplay offended everyone! Click to find out why!"

Ugh... I hate these kind of titles.

Pastorfuzz903d ago

Why the Hate? She looks good in the photo and I am sure much better in person!

SilentNegotiator903d ago

Please stop enforcing the false definition of "hate" as "doesn't care for it and expresses that".

There is no "hate" here.

Saryk903d ago

I think she done a good job. Now if some tentacle pokers flashed out the back of her and started stabbing, then it would have been awesome!

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