Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Console Beta First Thoughts!

ThisGenGaming says "Elder Scrolls combat has always been pretty clunky and not very well refined, but it has a certain charm to it. That being said, it is very binary and if you are in range and swing your sword, you will do a certain amount of damage to your enemy. This changes slightly in ESO, as long as the enemy you are attempting to kill is highlighted, your attacks will hit. You can swing at him from 15ft away and still land a strike, and while that is typical MMO combat for you, it bugs me a little. The same is true for the enemy, meaning there is no easy getaway as that wizard that’s casting spells at you may be able to do it through walls and round corners. If you’re under levelled and get surrounded, you’re gonna have a bad day."

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Askanison41062d ago

I actually kind of enjoyed this over the weekend. Only played a little but I could see it being worth the price of a standard game (would not pay monthly however).

Volkama1062d ago

While it's true that you can feel certain MMO-staple mechanisms and dice rolls, I can't say I ever stood swinging a sword from 15 yards away and had hits register. In fact when it comes to melee it's quite nice that there is some basic level of collision detection, so you can't just run through your opponent like most modern MMORPGs.

DanteVFenris6661062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Yea the authour is clearly exagerating. The mellee combat has good hit detection. Also what people fail to release is mmos can't have all these physical based things do too tech restraints. For example if there were rigid bodies your not just loading your rigid body and the people you kill your loading everyone's death rather you killed them or not. Sense rigid bodies take a lot of resources that is cut. Of course similair physics things like that are put out for same reason. Collision is costly too for the computer

Roccetarius1062d ago

One thing about the combat is a lack of auto attacking, because it's more suited for a controller than mouse gameplay.

TimelessDbz1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

I can see this game being fun during leveling but once you hit that level cap and do some end game that's it. This game will die out like destiny since it does not have the monthly subscription.

MMO's need constant income of money if you want content every 2 months.

thekhurg1062d ago

Even subscription based MMOs don't get content every 2 months. Not sure what you're going on about...

DanteVFenris6661062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Ummm than there doing it wrong? Wow gets majour updates every 3 months I believe. Dcuo tries to update every month, and that's f2p. Though dcuo is a bit too greedy with its micro transactions for subs at least. Eso you get 15 dollars worth of crowns in dcuo I get 5 dollars with of cash per month. With dcuo I basically have to sub and pay microtransactions. With eso I didn't feel that. Dcuo is a great game besides that though

thekhurg1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

No, WoW does not get a major update every 3 months - they have exceeded 12 months without new content before.

TimelessDbz1062d ago

I did not say major content patch. I said content patch as in expanding its end game/ exploration. Adding a few quality of life changes.

If you need some examples that does/did this. Terra back when it was a sub. Phantasy star universe and currently FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

Volkama1062d ago

WoW literally has 12month plus gaps in content patches at the end of each expansion cycle. Even when Blizzard are in full-swing you're lucky to get a content patch every 6 months.

Before WoW was released it wasn't uncommon for games to offer content monthy, matching the cadence of the subscription. WoW blew them all away, but now it stands as probably the worst example of a subscription game on the market.

Rift was probably the best recent example of how to push out content to subscribers before they transitioned over to F2P.

I intend to give TESO another go on console. I'd be so pleased is the subscription covered multiple versions, but very much doubt it will.

Eiyuuou1062d ago

FFXIV ARR gets new major patches every 2-3 months.

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Volkama1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Content is one of the things that will be up for sale on the cash shop (or included for subscribers). So they do have every reason to keep developing it. Every MMORPG plateaus into a boring grind though, unfortunately.

And as thekhurg says, it's been a long long time since a subscription meant regular content updates. Blizzard saw to it that subscriptions don't pay for anything in particular.

DanteVFenris6661062d ago

It's not just MMorpgs every game could be classified as a grind. It all depends what game do you enjoy the grind. From talking from an mmo standpoint I enjoy eso the most. They have the best combat and best narratives for an mmo that keeps the grind from being boring in my opinion.

TimelessDbz1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )


I do play a lot of MMO's . I can safely say IMO that most current buy to play models that try to emulate a mmo experience typical do not hold a person attention for more then a month. Some reasons being content, cash shop , and interaction with the developers / community moderators.

Be honest with yourself when you reply. These developers have common sense just like anyone else posting. IF you bought my game why would I care to make more content at a steady rate when I am not getting the income that I need to make quality updates. You already bought my game. I did my job. Any thing extra will be from sells and if I truly love my customers / community I made it for.

Most games that try to emulate a MMO experience with the a buy to play model ,(Destiny Would be better off on a free to play or sub route). I know a lot of people(not most) don't like the F2P route or sub but It makes a constant income from micro-transactions/ monthly sub to keep the game a float or make actually major content bases ( warframe as a example)

Volkama1062d ago

Because that extra content will be sold in the cash shop.

temple1062d ago

I got up to level 17 and cleared nearly the whole second island (I played as a member of the Dominion). My first complaint was that it was impossible to find people to do dungeons with. I was queued up for them from the moment I unlocked them and not once did I find even one person queued with me. My second complaint is that there's not as much exploration as in previous Elder Scrolls games. 95% of the places I found were tied into quests as opposed to places I would find and have my own adventures in. My 3rd is how quickly the enemies respawn. There were times I would run into a group of enemies that overpowered me so I retreated to catch my breath only to run into another group of enemies I had killed very recently and they took me out because they came back to life right behind my back.

xPhearR3dx1062d ago

Well given it was a closed beta and the first beta for console users, I'm pretty sure most people weren't trying to do dungeons, but rather see what the game is all about solo wise.

As far as exploration, I wouldn't say it's as detailed as Skyrim, but there's certainly a lot to explore. The "own" adventures you wont really find much in PVE areas, but when you step into Cyrodiil, there's plenty of random caves and stuff to explore while also looking out for other players that may be hiding.

Enemies only respawn quickly in certain areas. You may have also entered an area known as a "Public Dungeon". Which is actually meant for a group, but anyone can enter (even solo) and you could have up to 50+ players in reality. It's basically a mini open dungeon. It's suppose to encourage group play with strangers.

The game has come a long way since it launched. I myself spent over 500 hours on the PC version. Considering I get a discount and can snag the digital PS4 version for $20, I'm highly considering it. Playing with a controller felt really nice.

temple1062d ago

I had a lot of fun with the beta to be honest, though I see that my original post may have made it seem otherwise.

As far as the dungeons go, I wasn't looking to do them exclusively, but the fact I was unable to get into even one with the amount of time I spent queued (probably 8-10 hours minimum over the course of the beta), makes me wonder if the matchmaking wasn't that good or if they need some sort of tutorial for people to find the matchmaking. I only needed 3 people and every time I checked the queue I was the only one in it.

The game itself seems huge, so I can see how once you get out of the starting areas there can be lots more to do.

I cleared one public dungeon on my own with no issues (full of goblins and a carnivorous plant). The areas I had issues with were in a forest full of ghosts and an area on the 3rd territory full of pirates.

I am really looking forward to the game, but I want to see if the matchmaking works better before I get it. That's my main complaint. Other than that, the other issues are negligible; it looks and plays great, and I can see myself spending an obscene amount of time in it.