How Treyarch evolved its own brand of Call of Duty multiplayer

Multiplayer combat in Call of Duty changes with every new release in the first-person shooter series. Sometimes, it seems the changes aren’t that big, but viewed over time, you can see some significant updates and improvements. These decisions helped turn Call of Duty into a multibillion-dollar annual franchise.

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masterfox1127d ago

Damn COD has evolve so many times that I think Pokemons would be jealous as funk!!!

micx1127d ago

You are yet to see my final form!

Tankbusta401127d ago

So much evolution... It boggles my mind

Agent_hitman1127d ago

AW's graphics was much better than this honestly speaking.

Elit3Nick1127d ago

Yes because we should hold a single compressed video as final /s

Anorexorcist1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

The Zombies Multiplayer is something Treyarch can strongly hold over Infinity Ward's head. It's totally cliche now, but Zombies was an amazing thing back when World at War first came out. I still go back to WAW, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2 every now and then just to get in on some Zombie killin'

I think Advanced Warfare completely changed COD online multiplayer...for the worse. All the Exo Suit hyper jumping and dashing made AW even more of a Run-And-Gun, Spray-And-Pray experience (like if that was even possible for COD, right???). Hopefully Treyarch will totally revert back from that direction IW took with Advanced Warfare's multiplayer.

keegamer801127d ago

Sledgehammer made the last call of duty.

wakeNbake1127d ago

Infinity Ward didnt make Adavanced Warfare.

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The story is too old to be commented.