Hunt the Truth Episode 05: Out of Time

Halo:Hunt the truth Episode 5 is now up for download.

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KionicWarlord2221058d ago

Well here it goes.


OpieWinston1058d ago
Blue Team vs Team Locke!

Going to be an amazing Halo, quite possibly the best. (Still yet to be determined but the Beta gave a lot to be pumped for)

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aviator1891058d ago

Damn, that's turning out to be an epic picture.
Blue Team ftw and classic banshee design +1.
Also very pumped to see Buck as well.

spicelicka1057d ago

Woww what is that epic picture!!?

OpieWinston1057d ago

All the Xbox teams have been sending bits of pictures hidden in constellations to people in their respected region.

People have been putting the pieces together to confirm details within this epic picture.

Blue Team confirmed!
Original Banshee designs confirmed so Arbiter vs Jul'Mdama

aviator1891058d ago

These episodes are pretty much why I look forward to sundays now.
Very well done.

lunatic00011058d ago

same here...they are pretty interesting

Kingdomcome2471058d ago

I need go back through them. I've only listened to the first one, and this one. They are pretty cool.

OpieWinston1058d ago

Aside from GoT/Silicon Valley yeah my sundays pretty much are devoted to some good Halo 5 details. Lots of good actors in these episodes.
God I can't wait for the Halo TV series...

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spicelicka1057d ago

This audio series is amazing, it's so well written and acted, i was actually impressed!